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The "colonialist overtones" was something I put in parenthesis as something that is a state of fact but should not be part of what I consider bad about the game. I am sorry that being able to do better critical analysis than you turns me into an overcolleged woke.

But knowing that I cannot defend my opinion in the reviews, that was a very low blow from you. And knowing that in GOG people only upvote things they agree with, ignoring the bulk of the text, I really don't know why I am missing the time trying to make this a better place.

No, really, the guy even makes up that I find that offensive? What the hell?

Amazon was probably the worst purchase I did with my hard earned money at the time. I thought I was going to find another Countdown and I found a mess, while magazine reviews were telling that it was one of the better adventures of the year. I feel like the world keeps on gaslighting me.
Post edited July 30, 2021 by Risingson