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This game reminded me of the classic Resident Evil. Survival horror, perspective type controls (right/left means rotate not move), prepare or aim a weapon in order to use it, etc...I also enjoyed the concept of demons/spirits that emerge from the darkness as your primary foes. Now I know that the RE series was inspired by this series, I just happened to have played RE first.
What I found extremely frustrating though was that this game has a flaw that can stop you in your tracks from finishing your story. When playing as the girl, Aline, it is easy to run out of ammo for your gun. That in and of itself is not entirely bad in this type of game, what is horrible is that unless you save a bullet to shoot a mirror at a certain part in the game you cannot procede. Ughh! There is nothing more frustrating than that to me, hence the "average" rating.
I enjoyed the story, the graphics and I found the controls very responsive. I would, in fact, recommend this game to fans of the survival horror genre particularily at this price. If not for that 1 design flaw that caused me to re-start that scenario I would have rated this game much higher.
Remember, to take a tip from all of those old horror movies and save "one bullet for yourself, just in case" and you might just make it out alive.