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I know this must seem to be a dumb question and I have read the manual, and I even beat this game back in the day on the 3do. I understand that you choose your action then hold space bar to sort of get in your stance and use the arrows to punch. I gather that it basically goes that you push space once to bring up the menu or you can hold the space bar in to go into your mode of choice. Right?

So why is it that every time I hold the space button in it just brings up the inventory and action select screen again? It does this with everything I can't push or search for items either so the monster always jumps in and gets me through the window darn it!

Another weird thing is I can sometimes fight or search around if I sort of double push space and then maybe push it a few times more quick then hold it in and I dunno it works barely and sometimes. Am I just an idiot?

Is there a way to configure the controls? The inventory screen is supposed to be enter and space is supposed to be ONLY for action use.
Try installing it again I guess, since the default worked for me.
Hmmm I noticed that the enter and period keys on the number pad work fine that'll work for me!

Man this game brings back memories darn this sword!