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I recently downloaded the collection. However, I can only play the first game when running it and can find no option to play the others.

Even looking through the downloaded file, there's no trace of the other two games that are advertised as coming with the first for free.

How do I play the other games? Did I miss anything when downloading?

Oh wait, nevermind. I found the solution.

Can't believe I missed clicking on them in the first place when downloading in my account.
Post edited July 28, 2011 by Hawk33
One should note that AitD 1.5 called Jack in the dark (a short promo game released between 1 and 2) is installed along with the first game. But it won't get a desktop shortcut like the first, simply navigate to the game's folder in your start menu and you'll find the shortcut to start it. The other 2 games has to be installed separately like you said.
I can't find the shortcut anywhere. Can you specify where it is? I've checked in the "INDARK" folder and no sign of it.
I've even looked in the "JACK" folder and could only find an "Icon" file and a "Batch" file. They don't work. Do I need to re-download the whole thing or something?
They don't come with the initial download. For some reason they are treated as "bonuses" and are found in the same section you would find the soundtrack and manuals.