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I wrote to the support the following, I will post here when I get a reply:

I write as per Judas' advise on with the hope that you can add better versions of Alone in the Dark 1+2+3. Original version of these games are much superior to the CD version offered on GOG and I would really appreciate if you could offer the original versions as a bonus content. There are also various issues with the quality of the manuals, missing bonus content for the third game.

There have been threads on the relevant subforum over the past several years so I would really appreciate if you could fix the above addressed problems. Here are some of the threads I have been referring.
here is the response I received. I will post any updates:


Thank you for writing, I've forwarded your message to our Product Team, they will investigate if it is possible to add a different version of the game and manuals as bonus contents.

I sent this follow-up email:

"Dear ...,

Are there any news regarding the possibility to add the superior versions of Alone in the Dark series together with other bonus contents mentioned on my ticket?

Best regards"
here is the latest reply:


Our Product Team is still investigating this matter. I'm unable to offer any new info.

Genoan Support"