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Hi all, just fancied starting a general discussion topic for one of my personal favourite game series in light of the recent announcement of Alone in the Dark: Illumination. Any other fans of the series hyped/worried/dreading another entry to the franchise? Which one is your favourite thus far? On the same note Haunted House is getting a reboot too, between these and a load of PS4 exclusives, the future looks bright for horror gamers!
I watched some Alone in the Dark: Illumination beta videos. It looks like a shooter and not even a good tactical shooter, but one where you shoot endless hordes of monsters. I didn't see any puzzles in those videos which certainly was a disappointment.

My favourite is the first game of the series, because it has best puzzle/fight balance of the entire series. Besides I liked it's Lovecraftian atmosphere. I generally prefer the original trilogy over the later sequels. Although I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing the AitD5, despite the fact that it's rather mediocre.
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I love the series, I am one of the poor bastards that paid for Illumination, and so I'm in the beta. I'm running at just below minimum specs, so I get terrible performance (about 15 frames with everything at the lowest). Even then, I can say it's not good. It's like Left 4 Dead mixed with Alan Wake. You get the hordes of enemies, and you have to weaken them with light (not your flashlight though, any other light source), so you're not mowing through them, but they just keep throwing more at you.

The camera is zoomed in super tight, but the only indication you're getting hit is a rather subtle animation that, at the distance, is easy to miss. The animations look like they came from a free Unity game, I think the sound mixing might be off a bit, and from the videos I've watched, there's really no reason it should have such high requirements, beyond being able to say that they're using UE4.

It's not good, basically. I love the original, but I'm not good at adventure games, which early survival horror really is, so a more action-y approach doesn't really bother me too much, I just want it to be, you know, good. 2008 was terrible, but at least it had some moments.