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I downloaded all three AIDT games to my MAC today, and as AIDT 1 and 3 runs perfectly, AIDT 2 don't even get that far. What happens when I try to run it, is the following given message: "Alone In The Dark 2" is damaged and can not be opened..."
I've tried downloading it a few times now, but I still get the same message. What starts me wondering is that AIDT 3 is on that same file, but instead runs flawless.
The OS is fully updated.

Thanks for all help.
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Same here. It's a shame, since this is the part I have the most fond nostalgic memories of!

I bought the trilogy for AITD 2 first and foremost, and now that's the part that is not working.

Please help.
Please follow one of these workarounds:

a) Redownload the game using the newest version of the GOG Downloader:
To download, make sure the " Downloader mode" is switched to ON before clicking the "Game installer" button. After the download is complete, reinstall the game.
b) Use this workaround if using the Download didn't help:
- Go to Applications -> Terminal
- Type in:
xattr -d
but don't press Enter.
- Drag the application to the Terminal window, this should add the path.
- Press Enter.