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As far as I know, SEGA currently owns the rights to the Alien IP when it comes to the games, and I was wondering if this game also applies under that or if Rebellion owns the rights to this game?

The main reason why I'm asking is because I want to see about making an LP for this game in the future.
Fox owns the rights to the Alien and Predator IPs. Rebellion is a developer, but it's Fox that has the rights to license their IPs to whomever they want. Sega is simply a publisher that works in tandem with Fox (seeing as Fox Interactive is no longer in existence) to publish video games with those licenses. However, Sega itself doesn't own the IPs.

By LP, do you mean Let's Play? You don't need to be fluent in companies' rights in order to produce one. Even if you were making money from Let's Plays, I highly doubt Fox has the time, money, or inclination to go after YouTubers who are simply playing through their games.
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From what I could find, at your own risk.
Probably nothing will happen but who knows. If in doubt don't have music on, that's a big culprit of getting tagged.
Thanks anyway.

The main reason I was asking is because I know the Activision currently owns the license to the 007 video games, and had to take down all of their games based on a Marvel property because their license ran out on that.

As for uploading any videos, I don't plan on doing that until I receive something telling me that the publisher and/or developer gives me their permission because Square Enix flat out told me that can't upload any gameplay footage of their games.
What exactly are you doing with the footage and where are you posting the content? Are you making a monetary profit off of that content? Assuming you're simply doing playthroughs, you're entitled to post content of the game. Hell, it's basically free publicity for a $5 game anyway.

I've posted over 200 videos of AVP Classic to YouTube and there are several videos from other LPers that have thousands of views of the game (see , [url=]here, and here) and we haven't received a single word telling us to remove any content. So unless you're doing something very different, you are free to post videos of the game. Companies may tell you this or that because they don't want negative publicity. YouTube does in fact suck when it comes to making you remove content but I think even Square Enix knows that it has better things to do than try to go after players of the game. After all, you can still find plenty of playthroughs of FF13 and such on YouTube.
It does matter.

They could pull a Shining Force. Or be a Nintendo.
Fox Interactive, the game's original publisher, doesn't even exist anymore as it was bought out in the early 2000s. Rebellion doesn't care because it's a small development company (frankly they would probably love the publicity). So the only one who would have a problem with it would be the giant company Twentieth Century Fox, which I guarantee you has more important things to do than to pull a DMCA claim against a YouTube video playthrough of one of their games.
Aro: It does matter.

They could pull a Shining Force. Or be a Nintendo.
As far as I can tell, Rebellion has retained/acquired all rights for the digital distribution of the game. You're worried about SEGA, but they only acquired the licence sometime after 2005, and that has no bearing on the previous entries in the franchise. They may, at some point, buy these rights from Rebellion and the other past rights-holders, but right now there's no indication that they have anything to say about these.
Not specifically worried about SEGA, that was simply an example. Monetized my AvP video after performing a search for who has the rights and what their public stance is. All indication would be they are fine with it or at the least neutral, as long as they don't prohibit footage I would still upload.

Was thinking if the gog community did a little competition each participant, or at least one in the match, would need to record.
Aro: Was thinking if the gog community did a little competition each participant, or at least one in the match, would need to record.
Why? If you're looking for a record of the final score you could always use a screenshot.
Sure, a screeny would work. But where's the fun in that?
Not everyone has the ability or inclination to record. Recording and video editing software costs money. It's not all fun, it can actually be a huge pain.
And they don't have to.
There's no cost to use OBS and Lightworks aside from time to learn the basics.