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Ranked AvP Classic as second in this list:
How would you rank it for yourself?
can't comment on those console releases as I never played them, but I'd put Alien 3 from SNES on there somewhere (really fun side scroller shooter).

I've played AvP 2010's MP and would add it's some of the best MP I've ever played, until the custom setting servers were allowed, then it ruined the game (10 pred's vs 1 marine isn't fun people!).

Also played Alien Trilogy & would say that the controls were very unnatural, don't remember being able to customize them, the Doom Aliens TC was much, much better. I'd even add that to the list. :) Alien Quake TC was never finished but I liked that too.

for Aliens: CM I'd make sure to point out (and this is my opinion) it feels and plays like a Borderlands mod. That's not a compliment.

There was also a C64 (and Apple II version I'm betting) Alien game that was more along the lines of a stragity game. I'd put that in there too.
I know that this thread is almost a year old but whatever. Anyway: I agree. To this day the only better Alien/Aliens game is Alien: Isolation as far as I'm concerned.

I'm saying that as someone who personally didn't even like Alien: Isolation all that much butt there's not a shadow of a doubt that Isolation is the most polished game that also captures the essence of the Alien franchise best.

And that leaves my beloved AvP Classic in the second spot.
wwareez: Ranked AvP Classic as second in this list:
How would you rank it for yourself?
Arcade and Atari Jaguar AvP are also my favorites, it was fresh back then, as there were only 2 avp games released prior to those ones, the Super Nintendo and Gameboy ones which aren't good at all, but they were the very first ones.

Arcade had the best co-op offered, since you play together in a whole campaign, and fight many alien bosses together. While Jaguar was the first AvP game that began the concept of allowing players to experience all 3 sides, Marine, Predator and Alien, which was later remade/rebooted in the 1999/2000 "Gold Edition" AvP PC game, which had been re-released as "AvP Classic 2000".

AvP2 was where the online multiplayer really kicked off and brought the community together.

Those were the best times.

But by the 2010 AvP game, things started to become stale. It's simply no longer fresh like it once had been.

There had been no new announcements of whether there will be a follow-up directly to the 2010 AvP game or not. It's presumed that it won't happen at least not for a very long time. Currently there aren't even any AvP games on the current generation of consoles and whatnot. AvP 2010 was only available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs, but had not been re-released on PS4, Xbox One or any current generation consoles. only Alien Isolation made it to PS4 and Xbox One.

Alien Isolation did better compared to all of the last major 3 Alien games, and and Aliens Colonial Marines turned out to be nothing but a big disappointment and disaster.

Although last I've checked there might be a VR supported Alien game being worked on, but whether it will be available for sale eventually, only time will tell, or it might just end up being cancelled, like how the Alien RPG, "Aliens: Crucible" went.
old thread but i had the commodore game and yea it was basded on aliens the moive and recall it being pretty damn good.

you played the story through basically but there were parts you had to lead the team through mazes and aliens and try to keep them alive and switch back and forth to juggle them.

but played it so long ago not much i recall outisde a few screens seems to me there was a dropship bit where you had to steer the ship down to the planet and a bit of run and gun section for ripley. really cool game that did a ton of neat stuff for the time imo. really need to get that in dos box or something.