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Sorry guys, I was trying to host a game but noone came in.
Then tried to connect to someone [Deathmatch] about 10.25 am UTC, still received "Game connection error".

It seems it's my configuration/router settings.
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It would be best to wait until chat and friendship is finished in Galaxy and then just friend altogether. Using forums is way too slow and unreliable way
gaddarmice: But it is updated. Isn't that should be version?
Olde72: If you get a message saying there are no servers available, that is not an error message. There are simply no servers being hosted at that time. AVP Classic 2000 doesn't have dedicated servers. The only servers you will see online are those that are hosted by players at that time.

However, if you get a message that says "Unable to authorize(1)" or something similar, then you need to update your game. Download the latest installation version and install the game again. I had to do this several times over the course of a few months. The newest installer is called: setup_avp_classic_2.0.0.26.exe
Perfect answer for me. Just checked my installer and it says "..."
I'm searching for someone who want to play multiplayer.
Looking for players for multiplayer add me to friends and let me know when someone is playing online.