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Crazydaisy's son here, I had what I thought was a workaround for this that I typed up a bunch of stuff for with the intent to post to help others but it turns out it didn't work like I thought it would. Does anyone know how to fix the buggy predalien in Predator Episode 3 Vaults? It doesn't run around and chase you like it should, it sometimes leaps but mostly it just gitters back and forth and is stuck. I always liked to fight it with my wristblades only back in the day for an extra challenge but the enemy won't work right now.

I tried enabling debug temporarily to spawn a predalien back in the room with the elevator and elevator control room, and that one seemed to work right...but since you can't keep stuff in debug mode this wasn't a solution. It did show me that for some reason in the room where you are supposed to fight the predalien there is something about that room or the script for the predalien itself that is bugging it all the time.

I tried spawning a praetorian in the room with the predator ship just out of curiosity and it had a similar problem, so I wonder if something in that "predalien room" is bugged?

Help please. X_X

P.S. I apologize but this topic posted twice for some reason. I was making a minor title change before posting and for some reason it posted twice. I added this to both posts.
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