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The Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 uses the Galaxy multiplayer library. Please read the points below before posting any feedback regarding the multiplayer game experience. Thank you!

1. Always start (or restart) the Launcher before playing the game. Let the update process finish (wait until status text changes to UP TO DATE), before clicking the PLAY button.

2. If you encounter any problem that you consider connected with the multiplayer, please go to, log in with your account as usual and create an issue for us there please. Add a detailed description, and if possible, a method of reproducing it.
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I guess I was overly optimistic in my first post. Having played a bit more, the pings I've mostly seen range from 150-500. There were a couple times I haven't been able to connect to a server and once I was disconnected from a server. See the attached images. It also takes significantly longer to connect to GOG servers than Steam ones, but that's to be expected.
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Interestingly, if I host, pings aren't as high (lack of a better phrase). I hosted a game and pings were anywhere from 140-230, occasionally spiking to 400-500, and once spiked to over 1.0k.

Unlike other rounds this game actually had some lag. Movement was a bit jumpy, even when it was just me in game waiting for players. One case I think fragging a predator had a delayed reaction. Odd since fragging everyone was just fine.
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From Spain. I have a low ping and the gameplay is ok for a old game.
I've just had a couple of sessions and must say I found the connection to be spot on, which is unusual for me as I stuggle to get 2Mb down and 300k up. Forgot to check ping but it didn't feel laggy at all. I really enjoyed playing the enclosed co-op mode. What a great game. I'm sure I still have the install discs around here somewhere. Takes me back to the old athlon xp and riva TNT days. It plays far better than the recent remake.
Encountered a new quirk. Whenever I start a game, the message that pops up when anyone joins says "Player 1 has connected to the game" or "Player 2 has connected to the game" depending on what order they've entered (see the attached image). It doesn't say the person's name when they enter, just Player 1 or Player 2 or whatever. This is weird because whenever they die, get a kill, type a message, or leave, it always says their name. This only happens when I'm hosting AND I started the match, not when the host of a previous game leaves and I become the new host. Any reason for why this could be?

Also, may I make a suggestion? I think it would be invaluable if AVP Classic included the player's own ping, in addition to all the other players. As of now, it shows everyone else's ping but my own, but it would be very useful to know my own ping.
Olde72: ...

Would be nice if we could increase the text font for chat. I don't recognize people are talking half the time because the text is so small.

Not sure if they can fix any of these issues. Don't know how its implemented. They may only be working on the server back end for the connections and not changing the internal game code.
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Would be nice if we could increase the text font for chat. I don't recognize people are talking half the time because the text is so small.
The font gets smaller the higher your resolution is. I play on 1600x900. If you turn yours down to 1280x720 the text will be larger and hopefully you won't notice too much compression of detail. Believe me, I had a very hard time adjusting to the microscopic font size when I changed it from the 640x480 to which I was accustomed to 1600x900 for the added benefit of extra detail.

Edit: For anyone interested in initial experiences of AVP's multiplayer in GOG (I'm well-versed with the game on Steam, so it's not a total newbie's reaction to the actual game itself), I made a video of my first time on the servers here:
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Olde72: Also, may I make a suggestion? I think it would be invaluable if AVP Classic included the player's own ping, in addition to all the other players. As of now, it shows everyone else's ping but my own, but it would be very useful to know my own ping.
This! If I knew my own ping, then I could see if I'm the "lagging player" or not. When I host, pings for everyone else is much smaller, but when I join, it's anywhere from 500-over 1.0k.

Agreed with Player 1. Shows the player's name after joining on the scoreboard, but still most games do show the player's name upon joining/connecting.
I'm enjoying this a lot so far. It would be nice if there were some sort of lobby though and a friends list of some kind.
Just finished my second day of Multiplayer and it was alright. Seeing pings (of other players) between 150-300 and did not drop connection like yesterday. Gameplay was smooth all through out too.

I guess I should add that I reside in the Midwest region of the US and using high speed DSL Internet if that helps any.
I fired it up once yesterday and again tonight. 4 games available yesterday (of which I only played one) but only one just now. I assume that's not a global lack of players but a restriction based on location for good connection, so I don't know if this is a problem with the system.

Yesterday I played Last Man Standing, so there were no bots. Everything seemed clean. I never experienced any noticeable lag. Outside a jump here and there, everything looked smooth enough, just fast. My accuracy was crap, but I don't think it was because of any connection problems. I'm just not very good. I never had a strong feeling that I should have been scoring kills that I was missing.

I fared much better tonight playing coop, but I think it's only because the human players are much more elusive than the bots. It was as clean as playing local with 3 other real players plus bots running around.

In both cases the pings were 100-600.

In all my attempts to connect to existing games over the past 3 days, I don't think I waited longer than 30 seconds to get into any of them.

Overall, I'd say the servers have been performing very well for me with relatively minor issues expected of all multiplayer gaming from my experiences. I don't think I'll be able to find the time to play this week, so this may be my final word on the beta.

Good luck, GOG
Just hosted a quick match, since I'm from Brazil, everyone was getting around 200 ping, but still the match played fine with 8 players.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, is galaxy working the same way as Evolve or Hamachi, making my pc the server for the game? If that is the case, would I get a better ping from players around Brazil when hosting a match?

Ps: On a side note, I noticed my username is being used for the nick ingame. Are there plans to allow us to choose what to use for that?
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I'm from Australia and I have no idea where the servers are being hosted but it seemed to work better than I thought it would. Although its very hard to tell if you're actually hitting anything in a game like this.
Just played a game it was absolutely fine. No lag, fast load times, quick respawn. Didn't encounter any bugs... Although for a co-op game, there was a lot of last-man-standing going on ;-)

I could do with some instructions - I've no idea what the differences are between the types of Marine available - though I can look this up online.
I just played a match in the game and everything seemed to be running fine.

It takes a bit for the game list to populate, but other than that there weren't any hiccups I had with the multiplayer experience itself.