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The Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 uses the Galaxy multiplayer library. Please read the points below before posting any feedback regarding the multiplayer game experience. Thank you!

1. Always start (or restart) the Launcher before playing the game. Let the update process finish (wait until status text changes to UP TO DATE), before clicking the PLAY button.

2. If you encounter any problem that you consider connected with the multiplayer, please go to, log in with your account as usual and create an issue for us there please. Add a detailed description, and if possible, a method of reproducing it.
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Hey, just played a game there, I couldn't finish it because I'm up early, but it was great craic and I'll be back on tomorrow, maybe play some single player too, cheers GOG. :)
Tried about four, or five games so far. All ended in disconnects except for the last one, where everyone else either left or disconnected, and my machine ended up being the host. Waited a while, and nobody joined.

Had a few times when the game couldn't find servers, and I know they were there a few seconds ago.

And a couple of questions...

The main start screen is locked at 640 X 480 right? I mean it's not just me?

The server page only ever shows ten games running. There must be more than that at any given time right now. I see the list change, but never see any more than ten rooms. If the list is larger than ten, I don't see any way to view the rest, unless I missed something?

Still, super excited about what Galaxy will bring to these good ol' games!
namealreadytaken: Just played a game it was absolutely fine. No lag, fast load times, quick respawn. Didn't encounter any bugs... Although for a co-op game, there was a lot of last-man-standing going on ;-)

I could do with some instructions - I've no idea what the differences are between the types of Marine available - though I can look this up online.
Tonyx35: I tried the different marine settings yesterday...
About the different type marines ...

Marine - You start with the Pulse Rifle and can pick up any of the other human weapons on the map

(Marine + name) of weapon means that you only have that weapon (specialize) and usually the pistol. You can not pick up any of the other weapons on the map. You can pick up the same weapon to refill ammo though. A Marine Pulse Rifle can pick up pulse rifles for ammo and grenades.

Not really any issues but tips:

When you are the host and need to back out (to change species) for example, the Automatic Host change works quite well. Had to do it yesterday.

Closing the chat Window...
Took me a while to figure out but in order to close the "in-game chat" clear out the entire message ( using backspace key) box and type "say" in the box and hit enter. Important to know because you can not attack/shoot when this window is active.
Thanks! That info will come in handy :)
I have played the multiplayer for a few hours, and I am unsure of a few thing. The big one is latency. I chose the GoG Galaxy server the few times and out of the 7 or so times I tried 5 of them went through, but other times they timed out. I am unsure of if that was because too many players were attempting to join at the same time, but as far as server goes, timing out seems to be an issue. There also no solid way to limit people's pinging or to regulate it, so many times, people would fly through the map's walls. I am unsure if this was only me but there you have it.

The only unfortunate was the fact that trying to even access the multiplayer was difficult. out of the 10 total times I tried multiplayer, only the 7 before even go through. Other times the server list timed out or just never showed at all.

I understand that this is beta for this service, but maybe tightening so of the gateways for at least the GoG supported servers would be a smart move.
The multiplayer worked fine most of the time for me. Just a few things I noticed:

- In a few instances I could find no servers although minutes before the list had been full. I had to restart the game in order to find servers again.
- I find it extremely irritating that the matches constantly change positions and that there are only 10 slots available. Maybe a proper menu with a scroll bar and a refresh button would be cool...
- In some coop-games the aliens and other players were spawning all over the place - I guess that I must have had a pretty high ping though. I played about 5 matches, and in 2 of them I had these latency issues, the others were fine. (I'm from Germany)
- One time I got disconnected from a server after about 5 minutes.

I will play some more when I get the time...
1. I've tried to play the multiplayer a few times, but I keep getting disconnected every time.

2. There was one time when I tried to connect, I got a message that the game failed to connect, and it crashed. I believe it may have something to do with Mozilla Firefox being open.

3. The last time I tried to play the game, the game started to make popping sounds, and I had to exit the game to stop that.

Great job so far.

Any chance that there will be an option to create friends only servers?
Not able to find a server with a low latency however the servers I did join (Latency was over 400) it still played well enough.
Works fine to a point but keep losing connection to games. Went into Team Fortress through Steam and received stable connection then.
Matchmaking is a bit haphazard but it was back when I used to play this online years back so more a game issue than a GOG one
Is there a possibiltiy to switch species after joining a game? Quitting to the lobby would be nice. Abort game throws me into the main menu.

I didn't find the possibility of hosting a private game.

When I press tab, the score overlay appears and vanishes from itself after a long time. I wish I could switch it off or leave it on as I wish. Maybe tab could switch it on and off?
Clicking on multiplayer says there are no games. But wait a bit and it finds some :)

Managed to join and enjoy a game, good latency, fun game. I've forgotten just how good it can be :)

But got disconnected and when I tried to rejoin, things got weird.

1] My game name became blank/empty.
2] It kept saying [in the chat log]: " has connected" continuously spamming it.

A couple of the games it just couldn't connect/join to. But would connect to others [no, they weren't full or anything]

Any way to sort the games list by latency?
The launcher worked great and the multiplayer was acceptable. At the beginning I had some problems trying to connect to some games (I think it was the ping, but the game doesn't show it), but after trying a couple times it worked and I was able to play without any problem :)
One other strange issue I've run into: I set up a hosted game and one person joined (steranko, I believe his name was) and it ran with no issues. Once someone else joined; I got disconnected after a bit.
So far, so good. Tried a mere two matches. One ran a lot smoother than the other, but I'm guessing it may be a distance thing? The game is lightning FAST and I only had two cases where my character froze up while turning (oddly enough, in the match with one other person - the 8-player game I joined was pretty zippy). I'll go back for more later this week, as I need to un-bury myself from a pile of work here...:D
Does this have a LAN option? I play real multiplayer just very rare. On weekends me and my friends are connect some machines, and plays on without net connection... sadly the room has no net connection. I just not like the games which can not be played like this, the good old way.
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