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I'm currently running through all my games again after my Windows installation was corrupted. It's working pretty well so far. Colin McRae 2005 didn't work, which was hardly a surprise given that it's the only game with a 1.x installer.

Aside from that, AvP classic was the only one throwing an error: "Could not call proc." (5 times)

Commandline used was:
"U:\Installers\GOG\aliens_versus_predator_classic_2000\setup_avp_classic_2.0.0.19.exe" /DIR="U:\games\Gog\avp_classic" /SP- /SILENT /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /CLOSEAPPLICATIONS

The other setups are still running and given that there are 315 of these they probably won't finish until tomorrow, but as soon as they do I'll try again to see what's causing it.