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The install worked....but literally took 30 minutes to get from download to game menu. I also had to disable my Norton antivirus for the download because it flagged it a threat.
Feedback and suggestions:

1. Allow the user to install the galaxy software somewhere besides C:\Program Files (x86)\...
Frankly, I reserve my C drive for critical software and usually (this will be no exception, shortly) deny access or uninstall software that tries to place itself there.

2. An easily accessible UI is absolutely needed for keeping track of the multiplayer game collection installed, in terms of having the GOG Launcher and logging in and playing multiplayer.

3. I can't find any shortcut that launches the multiplayer-enabled AvP in the game's folder, only in Start -> All Programs. For someone that usually removes crud from here without giving it a second thought, there should at least be a shortcut to the multiplayer-enabled launcher in the game's folder itself.


4. Multiplayer was hit or miss for me. Half the time, characters would either move in a stuttering fashion from one place to another, or there would be significant inconsistency between the location I saw an enemy, the location I shot or clawed at, and the enemy getting hit and making the hurt noise. If I am not mistaken, Galaxy is what enables multiplayer, so this desynchronization for a very fast-paced game makes it a bit bothersome.
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AvP installed fine, and getting into an MP game was *seamless* - well done.

Playing AvP MP was OK, in fact I think it was easier to find and get into an MP game than back in the day (so well done again!), but it felt like there was quite a bit of lag. Apparently it was 60-70ms looking at others players stats, but it felt more like 140 with some spikes to 200-300 - very not good, especially for such a frenetic game.

To be honest, Im a bit confused about the whole gog galaxy thing (and I dont want to derail the thread if I am wrong about what gog galaxy is) - I was hoping for a clientApp which I logged into, it listed all my games and let me launch them, play MP, make a friend list and see what they are playing so I can hop in as well, etc - much like steam does - and was very excited at the prospect, but it seems as though gog galaxy is just the MP connectivity portion? If so I guess gog galaxy is working well (apart from the lag?). But its not exciting, my games arent more accessible and I will go back to (unfortunately) ignoring my gog collection because it isnt "sticky". REALLY hoping gog makes a clientApp one day because I love the values of gog!
Kondeki: I'm trying to play the AVP Redux mod, but the update launcher interferes and automatically installs the original content. I'd like to be able to choose to update the game, or just play without updating. Other than this, I have no problems with the launcher.
MagicBoy: I have same probleem, only thing I can do is to unplug internet cable. :( Is the way to just start the game in offline mode ?
Haven't tried it (too lazy to delve into the deeps of my desk to unplug the cable), but there's a AvP_Classic.exe in your installation folder (C:\your\installation\path\AvP Classic). It's starting the game without starting the launcher first. Multiplayer is still working for me (guess that's because the code is part of the game and I'm logged in), but auto updates should be disabled this way (since they're done by the not launched launcher).
Kondeki: ...
*quote for reply notification*
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Launcher and autoupdate works perfectly. I had the impression that the same Microsoft redistributable installed three times in a row, but as long as it's not an endless loop, I do not mind. Did not really experience any problems.
Game launcher will always place game icon on the desktop. An option to stop that would be good. I like to keep my desktop clean.
I can play very well; I don't have any problem with de multiplayer game.

Run so good!
Works fine now, after reinstalling and turning off AV.
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No problems what so ever, works as intended
I launch the AvP shortcut on my desktop, download of updates starts ... xy of 3,5MB... then it overloads the foresaid update size of 3,5MB by roughly the double... so the outcome shows something like 5,8MB out of 3,5MB...

then the following error pops out.
having near zero information value...

after hitting OK ... the GoG launcher shows up.... claiming it is up to date... (v.

the game launches, but when I try to get into MULTIPLAYER it shows me... FAILED TO INITIALIZE.error.

The launcher took a very long time (several hours) to install and had me wondering if the data was corrupt or something, but I haven't had any issues with it since the launch.
Just thought of a design flaw: you can't pause an update from the launcher.
Game Launcher works without problems here on Win 7 Prof 64 Bit.
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The launcher does not recognize custom content (such as high-resolution texture replacements mods). Whenever I install them, the launcher "updates" the game to the default texture sets as it was shipped.
After reinstalling the game twice and redownloading the installer twice, I still keep getting a notice saying "Galaxy Updater encountered an error and could not continue: Updater could not download update metadata." followed by another saying "\AppData\Local\Temp\PROPSYS.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support." after which the loader (version launches in offline mode.