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Was the release of AvP at this time, after the newly released Alien: Isolation, a deliberate thing or a happy coincidence?

Either way, it's a great strategy and gives new players a chance to see the games' roots and an alternative should the new game not match their expectations.

Is anybody currently playing AvP playing Isolation as well?
Alien: Isolation is a pretty awesome game. Don't regret getting it. I'm still to start this one. The latest AVP from Rebellion was pretty cool as well
I'm most of the way through Alien Isolation myself. It made me want another AVP game that was as well rounded as AVP1 or 2. AVP2010 wasn't quite up to par.
Thank you for taking a look.
I'm having trouble with the "Mini Game".

Frankly, I'd love to REMOVE this from the game, as I despise frantic pressure puzzles.
Im really mostly a turn based strategy gamer.

There is a security tuner, and before this, it showed a green screen with white shapes.
Now, it shows a blue screen with white bars.

I'm not very smart. I need instructions, help, to be EXTREMELY detailed.
You can't assume I "just know" anything.

I need to know how to beat this crummy blue screen thing, which buttons on my keyboard to press, etc.

Can't find any video of this on Youtube.

Using Windows 10, and got the game from Steam on sale.
Frustrating game, lots of bugs.

WindowsLiveEvan at yahoo
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