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Does anyone know the keyboardcommands for Tower Assault? For example I can't find the keys for exiting to DOS.
And is there a possibility to change the keys?
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If you go into the game folder there is a keybinding txt file,.. but it's incorrect. It says that F1 exits to DOS and all it does while in game is show the text briefing for the mission. Escape makes you self destruct and go back to main menu. Space bar and ALT both seem to make you shoot. The arrow keys move you but for some reason 'Q' and 'A' move you forward and backwards as well.

The F1 key does nothing in the main menu and the ESC key makes you START THE GAME in the main menu. (along with the spacebar)

The only way I'm able to close the game and go back to windows is hit the Windows key and then force quit the game by clicking close on it's icon in the task bar.

Yeah the controls for this game are screwed.
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