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Tower Assault, oh god, how it still shines..

So I picked it up and had a go at it again. After getting to military level 3 with a refraction laser, I discovered the following:

1: It was 4am on a week day.
2: God I love this game
3: Damn it is punishingly hard.
4: Why didn't I go the route via the Stores tower level 3 instead?
5: I hate Xenomorphs.

It also dawned on me that during my Amiga 1000 days, someone on one BBS had cracked how to generate the passphrases. I just can't seem to figure out how, so I'm asking you guys if any of you have any idea about that.

And yes, hit me up on discord if you wanna talk tower assault. The Technopope#4044
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