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I had massive Problems getting the Sound to work on this Title. Strangely, it worked in the Intro-Video but not in the Game itsself.
Changing Soundcard-Settings in the Game's Setup only crashed the Game!

Solution: You'll need another Version of the DOS4GW-FIle. The one provided with the Game doesn't work! For me, the one from the Game BLOOD worked (it's the Version 1.97; you'll see it when the Game starts). Now setting the Game to Soundblaster-Sound should get it done. (There's a Config-File in the "Tower"-Subdir where you can check the Devices for the Game) .
A Soundbalster 16 in Dosbox worked for me.

Additionally, I reduced the Blocksize to 512 and the Prebuffer to 20 'cause of lagging Sfx and pushed the Cycles to 7500, so the Game ran smoothly...
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This post should be highlighted. I was looking for this literaly during years!
To add some further information.

I test a lot of GOG DOSBox games on a real DOS PC, it's sort of a hobby for me :)

So when you run SETSOUND to change the sound options, it throws an error.

You need to grab TA.CFG from the sub-directory and move it to the main directory. Then SETSOUND will work. You can also just manually configure TA.CFG.
I use DOSBOX CRT for most GOG DOS Games as it has a built-in shader which makes blocky games look much better.

I know there are other DOSBOX versions that support shaders. DOSBOX X, DOSBOX ECE, DOSBOX SVn & DOSBOX Staging. All work great with Alien Breed.

Here are my sound settings (TA.cfg) for Gravis Ultrasound,



SB 220 5 1
SBPRO 220 5 1
SB16 220 5 1
PRO 220 5 1
PRO+ 220 5 1
PRO16 220 5 1
WSS 220 5 1
ULTRA 240 5 1

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