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I have made an attempt to restore the Albion game manual (English). I could not read the Foreword on page 4 or the warnings on page 11 and page 13 of the original English manual so it's missing from this file.

If someone is willing to translate and post the text from the German manual I will add it to this file and repost a link.

I'll attach an image of the text I believe to be missing if someone wants to translate to English?

Final version -
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Wow, you guys are awesome!

Special thanks to Oddeus for getting things started and also to rtcvb32, paladin181, toxicTom, jamotide for their valuable input, This restore is by no means perfect but hopefully it improves on what currently exists. I searched for hours for a source for the missing text without success. The GOG community came through as usual. =)

Although I'm satisfied with this version I will be open to any suggestions to improve the file . . . for a while anyway. I left existing text as it was in the original manual and hope the final translation of the foreword is close to the original. I believe the original images were B&W so I hope to be forgiven for using color replacements.

The two warning are invalid for today's OS's but I wanted something close to the original rather than leaving them blank. The other "Important" notices were readable so they are as intended.

GOG feel free to add this file to the game extras if it meets your standards.

**** Update - groundhog42 posted the original English pages (readable) so the text is correct now =)
Thank you sir! Those images are exactly what I needed. I have replaced the text in the manual with the exact text you have provided. and changed the links to the completed manual.

Final version 2/25/19 -
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Beautiful Job
Lord_Kane: Beautiful Job
Thanks =)
Stuff: ..
Excellent job! Thank You!
Wonderful, thank you! I hope GOG adopts this!
This is great, thanks!
Manual from replacmentdocs has all graphic all in black and here everything is fine. Maybe someday I'll finally beat this game :)
Hi, just wanted to add a big "Thank you!" for your efforts. It would be nice if the restored manual was added to the additional executables of the game, I think.
Thank you as well, I just purchased the game during the sale, and I'm sure I'll be reading this.
Just wanted to add my thanks for a great job!
Thank you for this! Was looking for descriptions of some of the spells in the game and was not dissapointed. Gosh I miss the days of proper instruction manuals.
You absolute legend!
If I hadn't found this, I don't think I would have ever figured out that you need food to rest - the version I found online just had a black box where that bit of info was.

The artwork looks amazing in colour too!!