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I tried it with Munt and picked MT-32 in the setup but it's not working. Any ideas?
Albion uses the Audio Interface Library/Miles Sound System 3.0. It's a system where the music is stored in XMIDI format and a driver translates them into something the sound card understands.

The official MT-32 driver never worked and all you will get is drums. Someone at vogons wrote a working driver a few years ago:

The preferred sound card that officially works is the Gravis Ultrasound, which sounds pretty good.
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Interesting, thanks. But is GUS emulated well in DOSBox?
Alright, put those in the drivers folder and tested the game again but it only plays drums still, have you tested it yourself?
For me it worked fine. You only need to replace "MPU401.MDI". Then select "Roland MT-32 GENERAL MIDI with MPU-401". Don't select "Roland MT-32 MIDI with MPU-401 MIDI Interface"!
The music is a bit quiet compared to the digital sound.

The Gravis Ultrasound emulation is very good. To activate it, open "dosbox_albion.conf" and change "gus=false" to "gus=true". Then get the pre installed drivers from here:
Unpack the "ultrasnd" folder into the Albion install folder.
Oh I see, I'll have to try that option then. And GUS. Thanks again!