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Hey, I'd love to buy American Nightmare for the $11 price, but I bought Alan Wake before it appeared on GOG and as a result can't get the extra discount for some reason?
Any way of extending it to us who bought Alan Wake without American Nightmare? :)
I bought it after buying Alan Wake. And I got the discount. Have you tried adding American Nightmare to the basket and then going to chekout? I don't think I saw the rebate before the checkout page.
It still applies, even if you've already bought Alan Wake.
If you add it to the basket, then click on the basket icon, the little drop down will show you the $11 price.
EdgeZombie: [...] but I bought Alan Wake before it appeared on GOG [...]
Considering this, I assume you've got it on Steam, right? If that's the case, the discount may not apply. But I'm not 100% certain about the GOG conditions, as I'm fairly new to this platform.
Discount on American Nightmare (here) only applies if you bought Alan Wake here. If you bought it here before AW was put up the discount will be applied once you add AW to the shopping cart.
Ah, no sorry. I meant I bought Alan Wake on GOG in the few hours before American Nightmare appeared on GOG.

Just added it to my cart, got the $11.24 price. Thanks!