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Hey everyone, just came here again, to tell everyone, that we are working on the released source code to bring a better experience to ATD. Armada (CrossVR) and I worked on a rewrite of the graphics backend to SDL2. We also fixed some bugs and implemented a more robust multiplayer backend (enet)

Stuff that was fixed/added:
- proper windowed mode
- borderless fullscreen
- fright flights should no longer say they are empty, even though they arent

So download the newest release here ( ) And also join our discord community ( )where we coordinate play multiplayer games or help with bugs!
Post edited March 23, 2021 by WizzardMaker
Hey, that's very VERY impressive.
Years ago I used to run a fan-site for Airline Tycoon franchise (still online, yet lacking updates plus it's entirely in Polish, no point linking), so stuff like this is a nice novelty for me ;) I was raising my hopes high with OpenATDeluxe remake, but totally missed the news about this one spawning.

Keep up the good work!
Are you the owner of Airline Tycoon Hangar? :D

I found that site while working on the project
Exactly! The website is more of an archive as many years seemed to have passed since the last real activity in the series... until I recently read your post here ;)
Nevertheless, I hope to preserve it as long as possible. The game was among my childhood favourites.