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This is my first game besides the tutorial and im finally at the stage where I can fight the Ai homeworlds. I have got all but three planets scouted. I am within three jumps of each homeworld. Ai progress is about 320 right now and I see a couple of data centers im about to hit. I have around 20 worlds and a fleet size of about 2000 ships. there are some design backups I can hit and a few fabricators I can also take but there kind of out of the way. I am playing beginner script at ai diff 6. so all that combined should I attack the ai homeworld now or should I work on enhancing my fleet some more?
Thanks for any recommendations
This question / problem has been solved by Staredownimage
You said you have 320 that should put you at level 2 AI awareness. Go out and continue to acquire ships and otherwise cheese off the AI until you are close to the third level but not actually at it. 650-700 is a good range. At that point try to get full ship cap for all your ship types and come up with a plan on how your ragtag group of drones can take down the command station of whichever AI Homeworld you decide to attack. Be prepared for reactions both when you begin your attack and when you defeat the first AI Homeworld.

This assumes you have no AI Plots/Options turned on that provide alternative victory paths.