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The title says it all. I have installed the base game and it runs flawlessly. I downloaded the deb package for the dlcs, it supposedly installs itself but the game screen shows nothing? as in no expansion logos and the expansion activation menu says they are not installed?

How does one simply install the dlcs of AI War?


Turns out one does not simply walk into Mord... AHEM install dlcs on linux.

After you install the deb package you have to go to:
/opt/Gog Games/AI War - Fleet Command/DLC1

and run via:

Then it will ask you the path to AI War on your machine, which in our case:
/opt/Gog Games/AI War - Fleet command

then after a really short while we would have installed the dlcs.

Happy hunting, Stalker.
Post edited August 21, 2014 by ozgurcakmak
I bought my AI wars DLCs directly from Arcen, and I got Steam keys from them, so the easiest way was to install the game under Steam - hassle-free under both Linux and Windows.
I just switched to Linux and this is the first game I wanted to install. Thank you for short-cutting what would probably have been a half-hour of web searching.
This issue appears to have been resolved in newer installers. At least, I did not have to do the extra dancing, running the installer scripts for the base game and the DLC pack left me with a fully working installation with all DLC active.