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My Internet Conection is slow to download the near 6 GB that the game has,but i had a prepaid card,and i can buy the game,and my prepaid card works in steam and google play,so i think that is going to work here.

I buyed the Game in Android and i like it,and i want a DRM-Free Version of the game that is mine,even
if GOG dissapear.

Here my question:If i buy Agarest 1,and adquire the licence,can i download a the GOG version for other sources,that store the game in MEGA,and if i do that is Ilegal or not?.Obviously,is going to be the same version of the game that i buy...or the game have diferences for every download and user?.
Because my Internet is very slow,and i download heavy files in a very long time,
I fear that the game fails the download,and in my experiencia MEGAsync is a very secure system downloader,
i can download the game in 500 mb parts,and is long but safe and works.

If a pay for the licence this is not a problem?.
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once you buy the game, im pretty sure you're free to do /w it as you please, as long as it doesnt involve redistribution.

i highly doubt a version that works on android will also work on windows mac, etc.

in the states, if i use a pre paid card, it works on steam, googleplay, microsoft , amazon, ebay, etc, but NOT for some reason.

you'll most likely have to use paypal or an actual credit card, unless they (gog) changed their billing policies recently.
I buy a few games on GOG,now,and my prepaid card work here.
But the prepad card dont work in Amazon.In others forums people says that prepaid
cards dont works in GOG,but in my case my prepaid card dont works,in ebay,nor
amazon,but works in GOG.
Also i tried GOG Downloader,and if i buy this game i am only download via that,after all.
When for example i download Trails in Cold Steel 1 JRPG,via GOG downloader,the download fails,but when restart the PC the downloaded parts of the files that i previusly download restored without problem and in the end,i download the game without problem.
So,if i buy this game,there,i am going to download it via GOG downloader...but nowdays i am not sure,because the Battles in this game are ultra-hard (i buyed it in Google Play,and play until 4 generation, i like the story,but the Battles are horrible,and the last generations are much worse than early).
If i have some money to spare,perhaps i would buy it.I like the history but the battles are horrible :(
JBeconi: If i have some money to spare,perhaps i would buy it.I like the history but the battles are horrible :(
It is easy to cheat in this game with the help of CheatEngine if you can't stand the difficulty of the battles.