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Is there any patch or mods to repair cutscenes sounds?
Also when i shoot with my left gun it shoot all over walls.
I really hope that there somewhere is patch to repair those things.
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If you're experiencing problems with the sound in cutscenes then I'd take it up with support. It's not a universal problem with the game, but a technical problem you're having.
Before you do that though, try lowering the sound quality in the game's settings. Even if your sound card can support high quality sound, the game might not be that compatible with it.
I'm not sure about the accuracy problem you're having. First you should probably state what control method you're using to play the game (mouse & keys, 360 controller, etc).
Is the sound in the cinematics choppy? I.e. people will say something and part of what they're saying is lost? I had the same problem with Advent Rising, along with the cinematics themselves seeming to run a little slow.
I think it's a problem with Bink video files, or how the game handles them. I've had the problem before and the fix, at least for me, was simple. I solved it by downloading and installing the RAD video tools. You can find the package here:
It's the very first link. You may need to restart your computer for it to take effect.
If that doesn't work, you can always try to replace the binkw32.dll file in the game folder with one from a different game. If the program throws up errors at startup, the version of the DLL you used may be either too old (or far too new). I've solved video playback stutters this way on a number of more recent games, like Gas Powered's Demigod.
Let us know if any of these solutions worked for you.