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I just bought this game and tried playing it in fullscreen only to find that at my native resolution it's super zoomed out and everything is tiny and the zoomed in window in the bottom right doesn't really help much. So I went to the expert settings to change the resolution, which I should state now was very difficult. The expert mode options menu doesn't work right for some reason. When the confirmation window came up and I clicked ok the screen just froze until I clicked my mouse. Then I couldn't use my mouse in the menu and the keyboard shortcuts didn't work properly. I kept trying until it worked one time only to see that changing the resolution didn't have the desired effects. Now when I try to change it back the same thing is happening only this time the confirmation window to use expert doesn't even appear, the screen just dims.

1.Is there any way to reset these options?
2. what the hell is wrong with the expert menu?
3. is there any way to play full screen as zoomed in as the default windowed mode is?
4. if not I didn't see a way to change windowed mode resolution so how do I do that?

Edit: I tried uninstalling an reinstalling and it didn't fix it but I also had some real trouble uninstalling the game where I had to restart and manually remove leftover files that didn't uninstall which also took a long time due to how many files were in the gfx folder.

Edit2: well now I can't even switch it to windowed mode the game freezes every time I try.
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1. Please locate the adom_gog directory. It's located in the Documents/ADOM folder on Windows (please check the FAQ for the location of this directory on other operating systems: Then delete the file called config-adom.noe. This should reset everything back to the defaults.

2. Normally you won't need it. It's just part of the NotEye framework we use (therefore not our code). It only supports keyboard controls.

3. Alt+Enter works just fine for me.

4. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. But you can try the following: open the expert settings (in this case you need them), select "m" (select NotEye's graphical mode), then select "z" and enter the value 128. This doubles the size of the tiles.
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Your solution for 4 was what I was looking for with 3 and after reseting to default options the expert mode worked a little better. I will just make sure not to mess with it again and hopefully I won't have any more issues
Well upon launching the game again none of my setting saved for some reason. And now I can't use the expert menu again it just freezes up every time I try to use it and pressing any key will just exit out of it back to the main menu.
Hm, I'm not sure why the expert settings were not saved. ADOM stores them automatically once you quit the game.

The important part is that the config-adom.noe file should contain the following line (if it is missing, just add it):


This chooses a tile size of 128 (instead of 64).