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militarybeetle: Seems like this is the type of game to play w a controler. I just can't get mine to work.

Its the first time trying to use a controler with GoG, but I've used it w steam before. Big picture mode doesn't pick up that i have a controler but when I booted up darksouls in the past it worked just fine.

I have a peripheral to let me pick up the signal of the controler, and its also a wired controller.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Strange as it may sound, you might be missing the drivers for the Xbox 360 controller on your machine OR the game can't see them for some reason as you say the controller works with other games.

I recommend doing two things:

1. Update your version of Windows to the latest version.

2. Download and install the drivers for the Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft and see if the issue gets resolved. You can download the drivers for your controller here:

Also, you can try the following:

- Please go to Window's desktop.
- Please press WinKey+R to open the Run window.
- Run the command: joy.cpl
- In the window select your controller and make sure that it is calibrated properly and selected as the preferred device for older games.
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