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TL;DR: why is pixelation=max "not recommended"?

I just got this lovely game after viewing a short video about it on my phone and - almost couldn't believe my eyes before getting slightly sick.

The screen (on the island) was feeling like pixelation hell with aliasing soup spilled all over it. Basically all dark lines in the rocks (and pixels elsewhere all across the screen but not as prominent) were jumping around as soon as I moved.
After some, rather longer than I wished for, experimentation with resolution, fullscreen mode (hey, in a tiny windows with minimum resolution where I can barely discern things it looks really nice :-)) I finally got around to ignore the warning and turn pixelation to first 250% and then max. Still 240-odd FPS and suddenly I could see and enjoy that world with much, much less eye strain.

Is it just my eyes, is it something with my setup (although on reviewing videos about the game on youtube it seems that they have the same effect, although slightly more blurred and thus pleasant) or what is going wrong here?

Will I have problems later on (with FPS, etc.) if I leave pixelation on max?

I could still return it now but I really, really want to get into it and explore and glide... it's so much fun.
(And I'm really glad at least so far there are no ill side-effects in just strolling and fooling around because the locked camera made me be lost within the first 3 minutes :-S But at least I found the glide volcano and the fish dealer :-))

The only reason I could fathom why the max setting might be "not recommended" would be that it takes out some of the pixel feeling and thus makes it a different experience than the developers envisioned?
Do I find myself in the "we made an accessibility feature just for players like you"-crowd correctly? :-)

Thanks for reading through all this and looking forward to you input :)
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