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Good day,
Finding this game here on GOG was a welcome surprise. However after purchase of license and install...

Fresh install on windows 7 ultimate, MSI 170A with 32GB RAM, Intel I7-6700K@4GHz, GTX108o.
Comodo Internet security is set to not block traffic from game or GOG Galaxy.

On Game launch the taskmanager pops in the process name of the game. Shortly after (a second or so) both screens turn black. After another second or two the secondary Monitor shows the desktop again (including the taskmanager that does already not show the process as running anymore) and then the second screen shows the desktop as well again, a Crashdump file in:
G:\Games\A Plague Tale Innocence\Crashes
is being created.

No crashlog files found in game directory or safegame directory.

Please advice.
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Solution found:

Win 7 did need to have
installed in order to run the game.

See also:

OS patch can be downloaded at:


after installation a reboot is required!

Patch info at:


have fun playing!

sadly I can't post links, so I replaced the "https:_slash_slash" with "lalas: " for your conveiniance
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I want to take the time to say THANK YOU for this. My wife wanted to play this on a Win 7 based computer and had this issue. This solution resolved that and she is now playing; which makes us both happy. Thank you!