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Here are two quotes from when I brought up the missing patches on the Discord on Sunday:
- "I don't have any information on GoG updates at this point, though we do take bug reports from people who are playing to ensure there's nothing game breaking"
- "All versions of the game (pc and consoles) are fully complete (meaning fully operational). With Steam, we took the opportunity when we added a sticker update to provide some minor improvements but the improvements don't warrant an update to other platforms"

So their approach for the last 1.5 years seems to have been: If we find something game breaking, we will push an update, but we won't do it for tiny "improvements" (though they did eventually say they would review the possibility of pushing an update including the last six patches to GOG and evidently, they came through).

So I'm guessing that when they call this "GOG final", what they mean is: We don't think there are going to be any more critical updates, because the game is "fully operational". Which means if there are any more patches to the Steam version, these will probably include only small "improvements" and we probably won't see them here unless they fix something game breaking as well.

That being said, patching for the game has slowed down considerably since early 2020. Six updates between January 2020 and August 2021, only three of which actually had patch logs, so I don't know if the other ones even changed anything significant. With any luck, they don't intend to do any more patching even to the Steam version. Looks like they also act as publisher for a new game on Steam, so maybe they're planning on moving on anyways.
Post edited September 16, 2021 by Exsurgent