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As relevant for all AGS games (similar for e.g. Resonance, Mage's Initiation, Guard Duty),
the latest AGS version may help with HW problems incl. keyboard/sound ...
I just swapped the engine (which was adviced by gamers in forum posts several times - but extremely short):
1) Download new AGS engine (here for Linux - other OSs are also available): # 16.02.2021 now
    getting ags_3.5.0.30_linux.tar.gz # or later versions, of cause ;)
2) This file will use subdirectory 'data' as game path and base being GOG install path with script startgame.
    So one can make 'game' being 'data' via 'mv game data; ln -s data game' in GOG install path
    and then extract the tar archive there - maybe before moving existing files away and linking
    to used names like:
mv game data     # current AGS has game engine in 'data', not 'game'
ln -s data game
cd game
mv A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86_64 ORIG_A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86_64_ORIG
mv A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86 ORIG_A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86_ORIG
mv lib ORIG_lib_ORIG
mv lib64 ORIG_lib64_ORIG
ln -s ags64 A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86_64
ln -s ags32 A_Golden_Wake.bin.x86
ln -s lib32 lib
cd ..
mv ORIG_start.sh_ORIG
ln -s startgame
tar xvfz <PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_AGS_ENGINE>/ags_3.5.0.30_linux.tar.gz
    which should do the job (instead of CLI you can use the mouse if so inclined :).
    For a later refresh of the AGS engine only the last step
    (tar-extraction in install dir) is necessary - so quite easy and fast).
3) Enjoy the new engine - you can use the keyboard layout of the system as you want it and it should work
    (tested for German - on file save); did not work with the original AGS but without problem
    with the new engine - and maybe it is more compatible with later HW (the original one worked
    for me under Kubuntu 20.10 `Groovy' - except keyboard layout, of cause ;).
    One small negative thing is a 2s pause of sound when using KDE volume control changes ...
And yes, I asked GOG about changing the engine for several games ... so everybody will just use GOG installer and
it works like a charm.
But it seems they leave everything to gamers or developers - don't get any answer on my support ticket ...
Thus if having trouble with AGS engines one may look here (it is open source now - so a real OSE being maintained): !
So especially with non-Debian derivatives they may be more helpful in case the latest AGS engine does not run.
    => We are not alone ... even though this impression may be generated from time to time! ;)