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Unofficial Fallout1 unofficial patch version 1.3.5 by TeamX has been released
(topic at NMA)
Changes since v.1.3.4 (3 new fixes since 1.3.4 to 1.3.5 diff-pack):
Vault 13
* Water thief's animation sequince no longer resets after save/load.
Shady Sands
* Now Aradesh correctly reacts to player's apologies (his dialogue reaction goes up).
* Restored the original developers idea of Aradesh reaction to pickpocketing: now he doesn't attack player, only warns him and lowers his dialogue reaction.
* Removed a confusing option "I need more supplies before I can tackle those guys." in Seth' dialog. (May be he was intended to actually give you some stuff, but he doesn't.)
* Tycho no longer "forgets" character's name.
* Now Neal correctly opens Skum Pitt door.
* Now Neal reacts if player tries to mess with the Skum Pitt door.
* Option "Actually, can I ask you some questions?" in Trish dialog removed for characters with IN lesser than 6, because all of the next options require IN more or equal than 6.
* Trish no longer asks player to get out of her room while she is in Skum Pitt.
* Now cops correctly address male and female characters.
* Now you correctly receive 25XP for picking the lock to room with imprisoned ghoul in Watershed.
Military Base
* Now you can provoke Abel to lover the force fields.
* Abel now has correctly working Field Switch in his inventory.
* Mutants no longer attack unprovoked after save/load.
* IN<=5: if you ask Zax "Who programmed you?" dialog will no longer exit unexpectedly.
* Young Initiate Jerry now displays a correct reply after payer says "I haven't decided" (during the conversation about who the player wants to become: a Knight or a Scribe).
* Fixed "random" exit from Tolya's dialog when asking him about Shady Sands and/or Junktown.
Random Encounters
* Now Patrick the Celt correctly marks Hub on map.
* Now you can't pick the locks of certain doors for infinite XP.
As always, here is a new version of NPC Mod for new version of a patch.
And another one news. Here you may find a 3rd release candidate of unified 1.2.1 patch:
fallup-1.2.1-EN-RC.rar -- release candidate, for english version only! Attempts to unify all english (US, UK, EU) releases and fix problems with an earlier v.1.0 releases. If you have any strange issues with the game after installing 1.2 and/or 1.3.x TeamX patches, try to install this patch. Do not install 1.2 patch if you're using this (1.2.1) version! See readme for the details.

All fixes from this version are already included in 1.3.5 unofficial patch, so if you own an US release, you probably will not want to install this patch. Use 1.2 semi-official version (I recommend it for all US version owners). But if you experiencing problems with TeamX patches, I strongly recommend to download and test 1.2.1 release candidate. It seems, all tested non-US versions (see readme for the details) are much stable with this one.
Unofficial Fallout1 patch, v1.3.5 and it's english readme.
Fallout1 NPC Mod v.3.5 and No NPC Armor Mod for Fallout1 NPC Mod.
Release candidate of universal semi-official 1.2.1 patch and it's readme. If you have FALLOUT Version 1.0 (29 Sep 1997) [US] or FALLOUT Version 1.1 (09 Nov 1999) [US], you don't need this patch. But if you have FALLOUT Version 1.0 (19 Sep 1997) [US], I strongly recommend to use it. If you have FALLOUT Version 1.2 (19 Nov 1997) [UK] or FALLOUT Version 1.2 (1x Mar 1998) [UK/FR/SP] this patch will bring your release closer to US version (children animation and some bugfixes). In the future this patch will replace semi-official 1.2 patch, so there will be no more confusion. Now it's uploaded for the testing purposes only.
Nice. I keep forgetting to check the TeamX stuff. Scary thing is, over a decade later people are still actively patching this game, God bless 'em. That has to be some kind of record.
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phanboy4: Nice. I keep forgetting to check the TeamX stuff. Scary thing is, over a decade later people are still actively patching this game, God bless 'em. That has to be some kind of record.

It's not surprising if you miss TeamX stuff as their site is russian only these days so I too get their updates from NMA instead of their site. Calling TeamX a team is also streching it as it has pretty much been reduced to just Wasteland Ghost and possibly on other person (Alchemist I think) who he has not been in contact for some time now so it's pretty much one man effort now with help from community like Killap's projects.
Oh and he's working on Fallout 1 Restoration Project now as well and has completed first two parts of it and is working on third and last one:
Quote from Wasteland Ghost:
As I said earlier, I started working on FO1 restoration. Because of now I'm working alone, I decided to change previous plan (Ligh and Full version) and stick to the following steps:
1. First I'll work on a correct mutants invasion in all cities (done).
2. Then I'll work on caravans and random encounters (done).
3. And then I'll start location-by-location restoration (working now).

First part may not be to everyone's liking as it means you have limited time to complete the game (the original 500 days, official patch removed this time limit as the invasion was only partially implemented) or visit towns (each town is overrun by mutants after certain amount of days have passed since game start begining with Boneyard that is destroyed on 90th day).
From readme:
An invasion of mutants army in all major towns has been restored. As long as
Master exists, he and his army will slowly invade Wasteland.
An invasion begins in 90 days from the game start with the destruction of the
LA: Boneyard. Then it continues to the Necropolis (110 days), Hub (140 days),
Brotherhood of Steel (170 days), Junktown (200 days), Shady Sands (230 days) and
finally Vault 13 (500 days). Note, that by interacting with the game world you
can hasten an invasion in certain (or even all) locations.
After a town's been invaded, all it's natives are killed and an invading army of
mutants appears on the streets. In some towns you may even encounter a
high-ranking mitants, leading the invasion (LA, HUB), but mostly you will see
only generic mutants/nightkins.
LA is the special town for Master, because of the Followers. When it's invaded,
in the Followers library you'll see not only mutants, but also some Childrens
of the Cathedral, trying to gain an understanding of Followers legacy.
Game ends with the invasion of Vault 13. Don't wander too long in the Wasteland!
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I just recently bough the Fallout Trilogy set, Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. i'm trying to update my game, but i keep getting confused. if anybody has an answer, email me at
Just one question about this, will my current save be compatible with the new version?
PredatorKing: Just one question about this, will my current save be compatible with the new version?
I don't think so...
I lost my savegames when updating the patch from v1.3.2 to 1.3.4 with the White Label DVD version of the game.

I found a way to use them : you rename or delete the file "VAULT13.GAM" in the folder "DATA\DATA"
Not sure about the impact later on the game :/
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Be very very careful when you use this - I've encountered a lot of bugs and now a game stopping one. I got the chip and yet I can't get inside the Vault - the game acts as if I've already given the chip. This is not the first bug - I've encountered quite a lot of them, and always with something the patch "fiddled" with - forgotten flags, not taking into account that you may not do things in the order the game expects, etc.

Well, there goes my game :S