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Hi all,

We've uploaded new installers for 1849 that will update your game to version 1.0.8. Please download the new installer for your platform at your earliest convenience :)


Keyboard shortcuts:
- Escape closes any open popups or dialogs
- WASD move the viewport around
- +/- zoom in and out
- 1/2/3 change game speed to paused/normal/fast
- Backspace toggles the HUD on or off

UI changes:
- Fixed text cutoff in the trade dialog, when showing amounts over $ 9999
- Different visuals for the speed and layers buttons

Sandbox changes:
- Commission sites (eg. US Mint) no longer counted as potential trading partners
- Neighbors no longer offer to buy resources you can't produce because of location (eg. when lacking stone, barley, etc)

Thanks and have a nice day :)
JudasIscariot: Thanks and have a nice day :)
budejovice: 3rd time's the charm? :)

Both installs so far haven't been working for me (map visible, but no objects - mac well above reqs). Will email Support if this one doesn't do the trick (still inside my 30 days).
Do let us know if it works :)