Release: DREDGE from Team17 with its Blackstone Key DLC, OST, Digital Artbook and Digital Deluxe Edition!

We all know what makes every game a masterpiece – a fishing mini-game. So what if the whole title revolves around it? Well, it’s time to find out!
DREDGE from Team17, an adventure and exploration role-playing game is now available on GOG alongside its Blackstone Key DLC, Original Soundtrack, Digital Artbook and Digital Deluxe Edition!
Of course, DREDGE is in fact much, much more than just a game about fishing. In this gem we’ll be able to captain our fishing trawler to explore a collection of remote isles and their surrounding depths to see what lies below, sell our catch to the locals and complete quests to learn more about each area’s troubled past. We’ll also outfit our boat with better equipment to trawl deep-sea trenches and navigate to far-off lands, but we should keep an eye on the time, as we might not like what finds us in the dark.
It’s story-rich, it’s immensely atmospheric and full of mystery with psychological horror and lovecraftian elements. And it's an open world – what’s not to love?
Let’s get ready to unravel a mystery of remote islands, each with its own inhabitants to meet, wildlife to discover, and stories to unearth, scouring the sea for hidden treasures and complete quests to gain access to strange new abilities, research special equipment and upgrade our boat’s capabilities to gain access to rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios, sell our discoveries to the locals to learn more about each area, and strengthen your mind and use your abilities to survive trips out on the water after dark.
It’s a full package of outstanding adventure. Time to set sail and lose ourselves within DREDGE’s dark sea of fun.