Release: 9 awesome titles from Whale Rock Games with discounts up to -85%!

Whale Rock Games are a young video game studio from Kiev. This talented team believes in the idea that being a real fan of your work helps the whole team reach great success. And after playing their awesome titles we would most certainly agree.
We're more than happy that 9 of their games are now available on GOG and you can grab them with discounts as high as -85%! These offers will last until December 12th, 2 PM UTC. Let’s explore what adventures are hiding behind these games’ names.
Time Lock VR 2 (-50%)
Incredible virtual reality title. In this action-adventure game you have to free the soul of the ancestor imprisoned by the sorcerer in a magic stone. To solve riddles, you will need to move in time, but be careful, at the time of moving something may go wrong. Get ready to explore, battle with dark forces and take part in fun puzzles!
The Divine Invasion (-85%)
An adventure game blending fantasy and science fiction where you play as a headhunter employed by mysterious masters, whose goals initially seem bizarre and surreal. It will all become clear, though, once the protagonist admits that while the technologies might be changing, the human heart is not. It has action, it has exploration and it has puzzles. Oh, and a really cool cyberpunk world to experience.
Dofamine (-85%)
First-person sci-fi puzzle game where you must explore the labyrinth of riddles and investigate the apocalyptic event at the research facility following the experiments with the Higgs boson, or “the God particle”.
Euphoria: Supreme Mechanics (-85%)
Another great first-person puzzle game. Euphoria combines elements of social fiction, detective and horror with deep philosophical insight. You will have to crack some grim criminal cases by exploring the world around them, rediscover the mysterious identity of the protagonist, cross the borders of inherent dangers and formal logic and create their own vision of time and history.
Synthwave Burnout (-80%) - Early Access
3D rhythm racing game with amazing and eye-pleasing synthwave aesthetics. An arcade journey designed to give you an enjoyable visual and sound experience. The lost highway awaits you to take you beyond the horizon. Relax and let the sounds of synthwave open the way into the realm of neon - feel like you're inside your favorite 80s sci-fi movie!
Cybernetic Fault (-80%) - Early Access
It is a satirical adventure game with an anti-science storyline. You will feel yourself in the role of a romantic scientist, who is not shy about his incompetence and puts bold experiments on reality and common sense. He doesn't have time to read the instructions for the equipment and make calculations! Without a decisive break with classical science, the world can no longer be saved!
Cyberpunk SFX (-80%) - Early Access
An action adventure game that tells the story of synthetic life forms struggling for their right to exist. You must survive in a near-future world where the AI systems are considered by law to be “Genies” — malicious otherwordly creatures who must be destroyed along with their creators.
Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul (-80%) - Early Access
In this futuristic, third-person, action-adventure you will summon demonic invasions, punish heretical enclaves, traitors and renegades. And you will not deny yourself anything - because it is you who’s the hand and anger of the highest good. Inquisitor's Heart and Soul is a title about how AI-equipped fantasy game characters begin to live their own lives, repeating the mistakes of humanity, and a player from the real world with fire and sword brings them back on the right path.
NeuraGun (-80%) - Early Access
It is not given to everyone to identify unidentified connections and entities, correctly prioritizing. However, in order to assess your ability in this matter, you must at least try. The NeuraGun puzzle game gives you this unique opportunity. Here you have to think a lot and act consistently. NeuraGun is a third-person science fiction puzzle game. You will have to go through a maze of mysteries that will lead him out of the tangled scientific complex. Only the most capable will pass the test and get out.
Note: Some of the mentioned games are currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
Great gameplay, great stories, great settings - we expected nothing less from Whale Rock Games! Check out all their titles and pick which of their worlds you want to explore first.