Mix & Match sale – check out the discounted titles that you might have missed!

So many cool games, so many passionate developers, so many awesome stuff happening! Let us help you get caught up in it all. With Mix & Match sale we’ve gathered some excellent discounted up to -90% titles that you might have missed in. There’s no such thing as big time for great bargains.
There’s a plethora of styles, genres, publishers and developers, so finding the right gem for you is a given. Take a look at some of the deals:
Hard West (-90%)
Northgard (-70%)
Galactic Civilizations III (-68%)
F.E.A.R. 3 (-75%)
SAMUDRA (-70%)
Find them all HERE.
Which one of them will make your weekend exceptional? Whatever you choose, we hope you’ll have amazing fun, have a good one! The sale lasts until June 11th, 10 PM UTC.