GOG 2023 update #1: Checking the lowest price from 30 days before the discount

We are constantly striving to figure out new ways to provide you with the smoothest and most enjoyable experience, both on GOG and GOG GALAXY. And 2023 is no different!
As a platform, we fully respect and value both your choice to play offline or online (thus offering our games DRM-free) and the money you spend on our mutual passion – gaming. Regarding the latter, we strive to help you make informed buying decisions, and just like with the OpenCritic implementation, we took another step in that direction.
We’ve introduced a new element in our store, which allows you to check the lowest price of the product from 30 days before the current discount. You can find that information just below the price tag on every discounted titles’ product page.
Like here:
Or here:
We believe that with this new addition, as well as OpenCritic reviews available on our gamecards, your shopping decisions can now be even more conscious. There’s just one last thing left to do:
Go check it out now and find a great bargain right now! We’ve got plenty of them, especially with the last days of our Spring Sale – make sure to take full advantage of its awesome 4500+ deals up to –90% and more!