From Monochrome to Monarchy: King's Quest History - pt.1

Today's release of "The Days Before Daventry" starts the series of "From Monochrome to Monarchy: The History of King's Quest" articles by David Craddock.
In 1972, the same year in which Atari's release of Pong laid the foundation for what would one day become a multi-billion-dollar industry, computer programmer William Crowther and his wife Patricia were more likely to be found exploring the depths of caves than playing arcade games (...) As he [William] meticulously composed plotter-line-drawing maps of the sprawling caverns he and his wife had traversed, William allowed his imagination to run wild, christening each area with whimsical names such as "The Hall of the Mountain King" and "Twopit Room". The release of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 fueled William's already active imagination.