Exclusive Kinky and Strategy GOG Bundles are back with super Winter Sale discounts!

When we tell you that the Winter Sale is absolutely packed with all sorts of awesome things, we are not playing around! While some would probably think more than 4500 titles discounted up to -90%, special giveaways, curated collections, quizzes, awesome contests, and great flash deals are enough – we are just warming up.
Another gaming goodness awaiting you during the Winter Sale is the release of our exclusive GOG Bundles, starting with GOG Kinky Bundle and GOG Strategy Bundle!
Both of them introduce 3 incredible, thematic games for a super cheap price! But you have to hurry – their numbers are limited and they will only be available for a certain amount of time. Let’s take a closer look:
GOG Strategy Bundle contains the amazing Hard West Collector's Edition, Krush Kill ‘N Destroy 2: Krossfire, and Cossacks Anthology. Their sum discount is a whooping -90% with 900 copies available.
GOG Kinky Bundle on the other hand is offering great and naughty titles: Alternate DiMansion Diary, Succumate and HuniePop. Bargain with this bundle sums up to -62% with 2200 copies available!
Remember that these guys are only available on GOG and last until December 21st, 2 PM UTC! So there’s no time to waste – grab them now and enjoy your new treasures!