Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nox with some of our favorite action RPG games

Ready to feel old? It’s been 20 years since the action roleplaying game Nox released on computers. Yes, two decades!
Think about how much has changed in that time. We didn’t have iPhones, people were actually nice to each other on the internet (for the most part), and only about 360 million of us had internet.
Even so, Nox holds up today as a classic action/RPG hybrid with an engaging story and fun gameplay. If action RPGs are your style, definitely keep reading to learn more about Nox and other similar games that have released throughout the years.

Looking back at Nox

Developed by Westwood Pacific, Nox introduced players to a high fantasy parallel universe where you could choose between three unique classes and, in turn, stories. Its three different stories helped the title stand out, as did the title’s unique fog-of-war system called TrueSight. To this day, games are still using variations of the same system!
Framed as one of the most anticipated games at E3 in 1999, it was well-received by critics and gamers alike. It even got a free update in August 2000 that introduced multiplayer.

Nox helped define 20 years of hack’n'slash action RPGs

Even today, we still see elements that were introduced or improved upon in games like Nox and the original Diablo. To this day, these games have stood the test of time and continue to evolve and become bigger in scope than ever before. People love action RPGs and hack’n'slash titles so we thought it would be fun to look at some of the great offerings in the genre to help celebrate Nox’s 20th anniversary.
Check them out below!

Grim Dawn

One of the newer titles on the list, Grim Dawn is a heavily atmospheric action RPG (ARPG) with six classes to choose from. While six may not seem like a lot, Grim Dawn does something interesting by allowing you to multiclass into two different ones to create unique builds that are perfect for you.


If you are looking for something with an amazing art style and fun gameplay, then Transistor should definitely be on your radar. Unlike many on the list that deals with doom and gloom and medieval-style fantasy, Transistor is set in a sci-fi universe and features a rich story and unique gameplay.

The Bard’s Tale IV

If you are looking for something a little less action, a little more RPG, then The Bard’s Tale IV: Director's Cut might be worth looking into. While previous games in the series were more focused on the dungeon crawling, the fourth brings more story and gives players the option to create parties with NPCs that fit your play style.

Soldak Entertainment

In case you didn’t realize, is not a game, but a game studio. Why include it on the list? For the team’s dedication to the genre! If zombies are your style, then definitely take the time to check out Zombasite. If fantasy and strategy are more your speed, then Depths of Peril, Din’s Curse, and Din's Legacy definitely deserve your attention.


Looking for a four-player action RPG game to enjoy? Enjoy battling darkness and building the perfect class? Gauntlet Slayer Edition is sure to impress! Gauntlet combines both fully-built levels and randomly-generated dungeons to create a unique game world to explore by yourself or with your friends.

Victor Vran

Another pretty deep title on the list, Victor Vran takes place in an atmospheric medieval world and allows players to play the game exactly how they want. Players build out their characters through powerful weapons, outfits that change your stats, demonic powers that are at your disposal, and destiny cards that can change the flow of battle in an instance.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a game about the battle of good versus evil and if Greek mythology is something you enjoy, this action RPG is definitely worth checking out. It allows you to explore the ancient world, including places like the Parthenon, Great Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and more.

Sacred Gold

What do you do when Orcish hordes and Undead legions are running wild and must be stopped? Well, in Sacred Gold, you choose from one of eight classes (included Dwarf, Gladiator, Wood Elf, and more) to combat the evil forces that have fallen on the kingdom. With hundreds of weapons, items, and more to collect, there is plenty here to keep you busy.
If you are looking for a new action RPG to enjoy and don’t know where to start - together with Nox, these 10 titles are all solid choices. Whether it is medieval, sci-fi, or mythology, there is something here for everyone.
What are your favorite action RPGs? Let us know in the comments below!