An avalanche of timeless classics published by SNEG are joining our catalog with discounts!

We have excellent news for all of us classics lovers – a whole lot of iconic titles published by SNEG are joining our catalog today with discounts just in time for the Winter Sale!
Let’s give the warmest of welcomes to: Phantasie Memorial Set, Prophecy of the Shadow, Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury, Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star, Savage Warriors, Wargame Construction Set, Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!, Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 + Campaigns, Star Command, Warbreeds, and SSI Classics Bundle.
All of them are here to give us that warm nostalgic feeling and offer the beloved good old gameplay we never get enough of. Let’s take a closer look at them:
Phantasie Memorial Set (-15%)
This masterpiece compiles the classic RPG trilogy, featuring party-based adventures, turn-based combat, diverse classes, and epic quests. Games from the Phantasie series played a pivotal role in shaping the RPG genre as a whole during its early days. Debuting in 1985 with the release of Phantasie I, the series continued to expand with the sequels Phantasie II (1986) and Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus (1987). With their blend of turn-based combat, exploration, and character development, they set the stage for many RPGs to come.
All three games that you’ll find within the Phantasie Memorial Set are absolute must-plays for any fan of not only the role-playing genre, but gaming all together. It’s time to (re)discover the classics that started this passion for games for many of us.
And if you like to know more about the series, check out our article HERE.
Prophecy of the Shadow (-15%)
A 1992 fantasy role-playing game developed by Strategic Simulations for MS-DOS. In this title, the land is slowly dying, and it is your mission to find out why. Your character is a disciple of Larkin of Bannerwick, but when he is murdered, you are blamed for his death. What’s also unfortunate is that you possess magical powers, but the king has outlawed all magic.
Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury (-15%)
A compilation of all titles from the Great Naval Battles series – naval vessels combat simulators. All of them depict different conflicts, ranging from World War I to warfare in the North Atlantic during World War II. Every game provides a choice between individual ship views and fleet command views, and you can choose individual stations to operate during the game.
Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star (-15%)
Published in 1995 and set in FASA's Renegade Legion universe, this title is an adaptation of the Interceptor board game mechanics as a space simulation shooter. You’ll find yourself as a pilot in a distant part of the universe, flying missions solo or with your wingmen.
Savage Warriors (-15%)
A 1995 fighting game pitting warriors plucked out of time and forced to battle each other. It features 10 main characters and 5 secret characters fighting over interactive terrain with a variety of weapons.
Wargame Construction Set (-15%)
A 1986 strategy game that lets you design and play turn-based tactical battles. You can create scenarios in many different time periods including modern day, ancient times, 1800's, and even in the future. With the complete control over all the units, and customization of their firepower, movement points, strength, aggressiveness and other statistics, you can truly become the battleground mastermind.
Also available as a part of Wargame Construction Set Pack.
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! (-15%)
A 1994 tactical level wargame of armored conflict from WWI to the 1990s. It offers limitless small scale tactical armored confrontations using the various tanks and tools of mechanized warfare. You choose one of three climates, pick opposing forces, and assign objectives. In addition, there are over 20 ready to play historical scenarios and a campaign feature included.
Also available as a part of Wargame Construction Set Pack.
Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 + Campaigns (-15%)
A 1996 strategy that simulates battles throughout the era of percussion rifles, roughly comprising the second half of the 19th century. It provides several dozen battle scenarios, as well as a scenario editor in which you can develop your own battles.
Also available as a part of Wargame Construction Set Pack.
Star Command (-15%)
A 1988 space role-playing game in which the story takes place in a dystopian future where Earth was destroyed by hostile aliens and humans, now located in a far space of the universe called "the triangle", must face a double war to survive. You’ll create a crew of eight characters that complete missions from Star Command to earn credits and training for personnel. Your crew can explore planets to obtain valuables, and can board disabled enemy ships to fight their crews and commandeer their ship.
Warbreeds (-15%)
A strategy game where the objective is to become the ruler of the fallen Empire. Defeat your enemies and steal their genetic material to expand your clan’s skills and firepower. Engineer and customize your army with a vast mixture of advanced bio-technological weaponry.
SSI Classics (-33%)
And as a cherry on top, there’s a special bundle full of classics which will enhance your library with:
Phantasie Memorial Set
Dark Legions
Fantasy General
Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury
Pacific General
Prophecy of the Shadow
Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star
Star Command
Star General
The Summoning
Veil of Darkness
Wargame Construction Set
Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!
Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905
War Wind II
Today is a great day to be a fan of classics. We couldn’t be happier to have those gems in our store. Make sure to check them out, pick your favorites, and of course don’t miss all the available Winter Sale bargains. Enjoy!