AMD, 11 bit studios and GOG join forces for a community contest!

Together with our Warsaw neighbor, 11 bit studios, we decided to team up with one of a kind, AMD – bringing you a chance of winning a unique, custom gaming PC, worth over $6000!
The Thaumaturge, released just yesterday, is an isometric, story-rich RPG with a unique approach to tactical combat, character development features, and investigation mechanics. Set at the mere beginning of 20th century, in Warsaw under the yoke of imperial Russian tsardom, you’ll face morally ambiguous choices; all while discovering a whole darker side of the universe, mysterious powers and strange ethereal beings called Salutors.
Your main task in this contest will be to Design an original Salutor that could roam the world of The Thaumaturge. You can use local folklore and mythology of your own region as inspiration. The media format is yours to choose: image, video, 3D model – get creative!
Once the creative job is done, share your creation on social media, and submit HERE! Make sure to tag your submission using #AMDxThaumaturge.
Now, for the prize… Take a look at this beast’s specs:
The contest ends on March 19th, 2024 at 4 PM UTC, with winners announced within two weeks of the closing date. This contest is only for residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and European Union countries.
Now, haunted by the spirit of Bukavac, this machine will surely grant you the gift of thaumaturgy. Are you ready to tame the power of an ethereal beast? Join us HERE!