Timeless classics, unique indie gems, thrilling AAA titles. Video games have shaped our lives in one way or another. Throughout the years, they have taken us on countless adventures filled with unforgettable memories. Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through the nostalgia temple with us, to celebrate and cherish our mutual passion for games that hold a special place in our hearts.

Games that last forever

Everyone has those few titles that started it all. They ignited the interest, brought immense amounts of joy, took us to the places we’ve only ever dreamed of visiting, showed that some of the most meaningful moments can be experienced in digital worlds. They, simply, made us fall in games and keep us still doing so.

With our Summer Sale collection of Games That Last Forever you can rediscover the masterpieces that captured your and our hearts and imagination, find new gems that did the same for others, and just (re)live the most iconic adventures that gaming has to offer.

Have it your way

What’s also important is that lasting forever doesn’t only mean in your heart and memory. With our Backup Offline Installers, you can enjoy your games whenever and however you want, without worrying about ever losing access to them.

If you’d like a client that keeps all your games in one, convenient place, helps you discover your next favorite ones, gives access to a functional and beautiful library, cloud saves, rollbacks, plethora of customization options – GOG GALAXY is there for you. If you’d rather stay offline and those features are just not for you – it’s completely up to you.

The only thing required is to be ready for an adventure! So let’s give a few examples of what awaits you in the collection.

Diablo + Hellfire

The original entry in the legendary franchise and a pioneer of the ARPG genre, in which you embark on a perilous journey into the depths of a dark and treacherous realm. You’ll navigate labyrinthine dungeons, battle monstrous creatures, and uncover ancient secrets as you delve deeper into the hauntingly atmospheric world of Sanctuary. Prepare to be captivated by its addictive gameplay, immersive lore, timeless atmosphere, and the thrill of unearthing powerful artifacts in your quest to vanquish the Lord of Terror himself.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Arguably the best and definitely the most popular part of the iconic series from Bethesda. Roam the breathtaking landscapes of the vast province of Skyrim, encountering ancient ruins, majestic mountains, and mysterious dungeons. With limitless quests, a rich lore to uncover, and the freedom to forge your own path, Skyrim offers an unparalleled immersive experience for adventurers seeking to carve their own legend in a realm filled with dragons, magic, and endless possibilities.

Warcraft I & II Bundle

A staple in the real-time strategy genre and a birth of one of the richest universes in gaming. You’ll venture into the realms of fantasy, command mighty armies, traverse diverse landscapes, and unravel the epic tales of war and heroism. With its immersive real-time strategy gameplay, massive lore, and captivating world-building, Warcraft I & II invite you to lead your forces to victory, explore uncharted territories, and shape the fate of Azeroth. Prepare to be enthralled by the thrill of conquest and the wonders of this legendary fantasy realm.

Vampire®: The Masquerade – Bloodlines™

There isn’t a list of the best RPGs of all time that doesn’t mention Bloodlines. If you want to step into the shadows of the night as a daring vampire, navigate the gritty streets of Los Angeles, uncover hidden truths, and make choices that shape your destiny as you dive into this atmospheric and enthralling role-playing experience – it’s all there. Embrace the allure of the night and unravel the mysteries of the vampire underworld in this one of a kind adventure.

Dragon Age™: Origins

Unleash your inner hero In this epic role-playing game. Venture into a rich and grim fantasy world filled with political intrigue, mythical creatures, and ancient lore. As you gather a diverse group of companions and make choices that shape the fate of the land, prepare to be captivated by the deep storytelling, strategic combat, and morally complex decisions that define this unforgettable journey. Become a Grey Warden and defeat the Darkspawn.

Of course, these examples are just a tip of the iceberg. Many different genres, styles and eras, but all the games gathered there have one thing in common – they truly transport us into the realms of wonders.

Best versions of your games

We also put great emphasis on making your experience as pleasant as it gets, making sure that your favorite games always remain compatible with your PC, no matter from which era they come from. Moreover, with additional content like printable art assets or manuals, we do our best to bring back that amazing feeling of opening the game’s box and discovering its treasures. It’s the most definitive way to play your beloved games out there.

So relive your fondest gaming memories or make completely new ones. With secure payments, us always having your back with 24/7 support, and full refunds for up to 30 days – trying out new great stories is as easy as slaying that first boar in the forest.

A gift to claim

Now, before you go and start your amazing quests, we do have a Summer Sale gift for you. Be sure to claim your copy of Ancient Enemy (until June 29th, 1 PM UTC) and make interesting tactical decisions as you battle distorted enemies and overcome challenging puzzles. Face a horde of deadly enemies, each one emerging from a world in which evil has already triumphed. In this title you must not only endure, but also rebuild your powers to vanquish evil and fight one last duel against your monstrous nemesis!

It’s an honor to have an adventurer like you sitting besides us around our gaming campfire. Now go, there are dragons to slay, wonders to marvel upon, treasures to claim and interesting characters to meet! May you never run out of potions and come back whenever you’re ready for another digital escapade.