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Pre-Order: The Sexy Brutale



WindowsPre-Order: The Sexy Brutale

Now Available: Army Men RTS



WindowsNow Available: Army Men RTS

Pre-order: Full Throttle Remastered



WindowsPre-order: Full Throttle Remastered

Now Available: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil



WindowsNow Available: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Now Available: Tides of Numenera



Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: Tides of Numenera

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Because $1 is not €1
Money-back guarantee
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Pre-order: The Sexy Brutale

- 25 comment

Just knock three times and whisper low. The Sexy Brutale, a surreal puzzle/stealth mystery inside a mansion trapped in time, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on with a 10% pre-order discount!Something's amiss at "The Sexy Brutale" casino mansion. Can you look past the masquerade and find a way to save the distinguished guests from c

GOG Galaxy - Biggest update yet marks the end of beta

- 264 comment

Update 1.2 brings Universal Cloud Saves, the option to fully customize the Client to your needs, and much more!GOG Galaxy, our gamer-friendly Client, is coming out of beta with a major new update that greatly improves and enriches the user experience by introducing many long-awaited features. Let's take a closer look at some of them:The highlight o

Release: Army Men RTS

- 66 comment

Blood will run green. Army Men RTS, the most strategic entry in the series featuring our favorite toy soldiers, is now available, DRM-free on!Bloody Tans. Not only did they make you mess up some perfectly good gardens, kitchen floors, and toyboxes, they've now claimed an entire house and some of your finest men! But the Sarge is not toying

Watch Tim Schafer talk about Full Throttle Remastered

- 20 comment

He totally put his lips on that. We recently coerced Tim Schafer, lead designer of Full Throttle and many a gaming sensation, into discussing the upcoming Remastered version of his point & click classic with us! Longtime fan and multitalented streamer ChronoWolf hosted the heavy-metal event on our Twitch channel, firing plenty of his and the chat's

Weekly Sale Vol. 9: Up to 80% off Darksiders, Titan Quest Anniversary, Aquanox, and more!

- 36 comment

A cool-as-ice collection of Nordic winners, up to 80% off! Cold winters aren't the most welcome of seasons for a lot of people. But Nordic's frosty collection of games never fails to warm our hearts. Our Weekly Sale Vol. 9 is chock-full of them, featuring discounts that go up to -80%!Recently Warmastered for another round of epic action/platforming

Shadow Warrior 2 gets FREE DLC and is now 25% off!

- 31 comment

I like free DLC and I cannot lie! Who's up for some freshly cut demon chops? That's right, Shadow Warrior 2, the explosive FPS of potty-mouthed carnage, has received another free DLC and it's full of meaty action! Plus, now is the perfect time to try it out first hand, as the game is 25% off until the end of the weekend!Get ready for the intense, b

Pre-order: Full Throttle Remastered

- 206 comment

Looking for Adventure and whatever comes our way. Full Throttle Remastered, the bombastic return of the heavy-metal point & click legend, is now available for pre-order exclusively on, with a 20% pre-order discount! The game will be out on April 18th.When the Polecats hit the road, they're indestructible. No one can stop them. But they try.

Release: Kona

- 46 comment

Disappearances can be deceiving. Kona, a survival/exploration adventure of supernatural thrills and natural chills, is available now, DRM-free on!Private detective Carl Faubert was just looking to make an easy (Canadian) buck. But soon after he arrives in Northern Quebec to investigate the alleged wrongdoings of the local community against

Release: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

- 139 comment

Time to reap what they sow. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the remastered version of the FPS that proved dinosaur-hunting can be enormously fun, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 25% launch discount. Owners of the first Turok get an additional 25% discount.Prehistoric reptiles and assorted monstrosities are running rampant until a new Turok ri

Release: Future Unfolding

- 55 comment

Choose a path. Then watch it turn violet. Future Unfolding, a top-down action adventure where you explore an expressionist world looking for answers, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 10% launch discount.You're here to explore. But the dream-like environment keeps shifting in front of your very eyes: Colors, shapes, animals, and entire

Full Throttle: A Heavy-metal Retrospective

- 63 comment

Get the motor runnin' / Head out on memory lane. Do you hear a familiar engine roaring in the distance? Full Throttle Remastered is fast approaching our fair parts! Wearing its timeless leather jacket adorned with 20-years-worth of acclaim, and riding its Corley bike which now sports a fresh coat of paint, the legendary point & click adventure invi

Pre-order: Kingdoms and Castles

- 53 comment

Pretty village, pretty flames. Kingdoms and Castles, a building/strategy game where you expand your humble medieval villages into majestic, castle-crowned cities, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on!Medieval times were not the best environment to raise a city in: dragons, raiders, diseases, aggressive weather - they'll all try to br

Coming Soon: Thimbleweed Park

- 118 comment

A night to remember. Thimbleweed Park, a delightfully surreal point & click adventure by the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, is coming soon, DRM-free on!Five high-functioning weirdos find themselves tied together by the freaky secrets of a forgotten town. At the center of it all lies a dead body that no one seems to really car

No Man's Sky: The Path Finder free update is out

- 60 comment

Don't go exploring on foot - your shiny new vehicles await! No Man's Sky, the open-space exploration game where you adventure across an infinite universe, is getting its second massive chunk of free content, called The Path Finder Update.Building upon the previous Foundation Update, Path Finder is the largest content pack to date, bringing numerous

Release: Party Hard

- 90 comment

It's murder on the dance floor. Party Hard, a twisted stealth/strategy game about murdering dozens of annoying partygoers, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 75% launch discount.Your obnoxious neighbors are having another loud gathering and the ruckus is killing you. Time to return the favor.Blend with the oblivious dancers and move arou

The Curious Expedition goes to the Arctic - for FREE

- 11 comment

All you need is your scarf, mittens, and gleaming monocle. The Curious Expedition, the addictive roguelike about 19th century explorers getting into all sorts of trouble while looting uncharted lands, has received a FREE update that's about to lower the temperature and raise your spirits!Put on your coats, globetrotters! The Arctic Expanse update i

Planescape: Torment & Torment: Tides of Numenera devs explore the connections, common themes, and personal experiences

- 44 comment

In every way, we tried to take what people loved about Planescape: Torment and push it even further.Planescape: Torment has a sequel now (okay, so that feels pretty great to say). Technically it's a "thematic sequel", in practice it is every bit the followup to one of the greatest video game stories ever told.Just as importantly, both Planescape: T

Release: Orwell

- 121 comment

Is it 1984 yet? Orwell, a surveillance simulator where you monitor the lives of others to identify potential terrorists, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 25% launch discount!We are being watched. The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on us every hour of every day. Its name is Orwell. You've been selected to act as it


- 59 comment

Executing Code Rad! SHENZHEN I/O, a sandbox coding simulator where you build stuff from bits and bytes, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 10% launch discount!The tools you'll need are all here: circuits, microchips, controllers, LCD screens, your brains - the works. Now it's time to assemble them! Build simple or more complicated progra

Release: The Adventures of Willy Beamish

- 98 comment

Willy the menace. The Adventures of Willy Beamish, a comedy point & click adventure about the lovably obnoxious kid we've all dreamt of being, is now available, DRM-free on!Willy is a typical nine-year-old rascal of the 90s': He's got a rad tree house, a frog sidekick, mad skateboarding skills, and an all-around mischievous disposition. The