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Now Available: Mages of Mystralia



WindowsNow Available: Mages of Mystralia

Now Available: Kingdoms and Castles



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Now Available: Battle Brothers



WindowsNow Available: Battle Brothers

Now Available: Tangledeep (In Development)



Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: Tangledeep (In Development)

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WindowsPre-Order: Absolver

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DRM-Free Content
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Fair Price Package
Because $1 is not €1
Money-back guarantee
It works, we guarantee it

Release: Mages of Mystralia

- 26 comment

Starting from a young mage. Mages of Mystralia, an enchanting action/adventure for students of the arcane, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 10% launch discount.Magic and its practitioners are officially outlawed, but Zia is not one to turn away from her birthright. No, she will set out to master and perfect her newfound powers, gather r

Special Sale: CoxCon Is On

- 29 comment

A fine selection of deals picked by Jesse Cox, up to -90%. Jesse is love. Jesse is life. Jesse is massive discounts on games you will love for life. To celebrate the CoxCon convention, which is already underway, Jesse Cox picked for us a selection of GOG games he enjoys playing and streaming. Time-resistant classics, modern indie darlings, madcap d

Release: Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut

- 41 comment

The definitive version of the emotional adventure is here and -40%. Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut has just arrived, bringing significant improvements across the board. Current owners of the game will receive this for free and anyone who was still on the fence can now get it 40% off for a week.This marks the end of a very long journey, but the w

UPDATE - Weekly Sale Vol. 23: An inventory full of top-tier RPGs up to -90%

- 65 comment

Baldur's Gate, Divinity, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun, Age of Decadence - inventory is full! UPDATE: Ah, my favorite people are back! Come come, illustrious customers, fresh role-playthings I have here, yes! Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, Two Worlds, Legend of Grimrock - touch them to feel the quality! From faraway lands I bring them, to faraway lands the

Pre-order: Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

- 16 comment

A Knight to remember. Batman: The Enemy Within, the next chapter in Bruce Wayne's ongoing battle for both his and Gotham's soul, is now available for preorder, DRM-Free on with a 10% discount.Something once again stirs in the shadows. A series of sinister puzzles mark the Riddler's dreaded return to Gotham but his horrible crimes may prove

Release: Kingdoms and Castles

- 17 comment

Pretty village, pretty flames. Kingdoms and Castles, a building/strategy game where you expand your humble medieval villages into majestic, castle-crowned cities, is now available, DRM-free on!Medieval times were not the best environment to raise a city in: dragons, raiders, diseases, aggressive weather - they'll all try to bring it down. B

Interview: Jordan Weisman talks Shadowrun, BattleTech, and what keeps him going

- 17 comment

No dragon dealings required to enjoy this. Visionary designers have been building universes and complex rulesets long before computer RPGs rose to prominence, offering quality escapism to thousands of fans. Jordan Weisman, now the CEO of Harebrained Schemes, was at the forefront of it all and his imagination helped shape the Shadowrun and BattleTec

Release: Battle Brothers

- 49 comment

Bad company, till the day I die. Battle Brothers, a turn-based tactical RPG with tabletop sensibilities is now available, DRM-Free on with a 25% launch discount.Contracts no one else would go after. Men no one else would travel with. This has your name written all over it. Hire the right people, equip them as your purse allows, and pick you

In Development: Tangledeep

- 60 comment

Return to the surface, bit by bit. Tangledeep, a dungeon-crawler RPG carrying all the charm of the 16-bit classics, is now available DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.Where fearful villagers and simple folk won't venture, that's where you must go: Through Tangledeep, the perilous labyrinth that's been keeping people from reclaiming the

Pre-order: Absolver

- 30 comment

A mask-have fighting experience. Absolver, a tactical fighting game where every duel has its own story, is now available for pre-order, DRM-Free on with a 10% discount, plus the Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest set as pre-order bonuses.With your previous life now little more than a distant echo, you awaken driven by a singular purpo

Release: Children of Zodiarcs

- 22 comment

Stack your cards against the stuck-up aristocrats. Children of Zodiarcs, a story-driven tactical RPG where you go up against the corrupt aristocracy, is now available DRM-Free, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 10% launch discount.Can a band of humble thieves change the course of history and disrupt a tyrannical ruling caste? If they'r

Pre-order: Tooth and Tail

- 27 comment

Liberté! Égalité! Spécialité! Tooth and Tail, a grimly satirical RTS about organized animal cruelty, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free, on with a 10% pre-order discount.Time to break the (food) chains! The War for Meat has thrown the animal kingdom into upheaval and everyone is out to subdue and consume their opponents. Customize you

Release: Kingsway

- 41 comment

Your window to a better dungeon crawl. Kingsway, the world's most advanced operating system for home-operated dungeoneering, is now available, DRM-Free on dwelling can get messy: potions, traps, loot chests, enemies, trinkets, random pieces of gear - if only there was a neat suite to help keep all these in order. Don't despair, hero

Planet Nomads: Price lowered, spirits lifted

- 18 comment

In space, everyone can hear you cheer. Planet Nomads, the ambitious sci-fi sandbox game that has been exploring alien planets In Development for the past couple of months, just got its price lowered.Since its release Planet Nomads has gathered fans, doubters, and curious bystanders along the way, but Craneballs (with whom we had a really nice chat

Coming Soon: Hob

- 20 comment

A world to fall in glove with. Hob, a beautiful action-adventure from the creators of Torchlight, is coming soon, DRM-free, to Hob a wanderer? A savior? Just another cog in life's sprawling machine? All you know is he has a task: To explore the serene landscapes, fiddle with enigmatic machines, fight or befriend the local wildlife and do

Release: Cosmic Star Heroine

- 55 comment

The red beret of justice. Cosmic Star Heroine, a turn-based sci-fi RPG from the makers of Cthulhu Saves the World, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 33% launch discount.The world is in epic peril and only some good old-fashioned role-playing can save it! Join secret operative Alyssa L'Salle and her ragtag team, as they travel the galaxy

Release: Serial Cleaner

- 25 comment

Taking care of that brain detail. Serial Cleaner, a stealth/action simulation starring a shady crime scene cleaner, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 20% launch discount.The carpet is soaked in blood, dead bodies are haphazardly strewn about, and incriminating evidence is lying there in the open, waiting for the boys in blue to ziplock i

Pre-order: Sundered

- 96 comment

A shattered mind cuts deeper. Sundered, a terrifying dash into the heart of darkness and insanity, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on with a 10% discount and the game's OST as pre-order bonuses.Horrible things skitter and slither in the cavernous depths, waiting to swallow you whole or just suck out any remnants of your soul. The p

Yooka-Laylee updated, now 25% off

- 19 comment

Smile, a new camera mode is here! Yooka-Laylee, the madcap action-platformer starring a bat and a lizardy thing, has been updated with several key improvements and is now 25% off.The huge update, dubbed the Camera & Voice Patch, brings much-anticipated features and a ton of bug fixes to this lovely game. Let's have a look, shall we?- New camera mod

Sublevel Zero receives free update, levels up to Sublevel Zero Redux

- 23 comment

Taken to another level. Sublevel Zero Redux, the overhauled version of the neon 6-DoF shooter, brings tons of tweaks and improvements, and is already available as a free update on Plus, you can now grab the game 35% off!Itching to descend back into that vibrant cyberspace? Look out for all the added functionalities and extra content, inclu