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Now Available: Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi



Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi

Now Available: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack



WindowsNow Available: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack

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Now Available: Caveblazers



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Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: Overload

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DRM-Free Content
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Because $1 is not €1
Money-back guarantee
It works, we guarantee it

Release: Hand of Fate 2 - Outlands and Outsiders


All hands on deck. Outlands and Outsiders, is now available 10% off until June 25, 6pm UTC, DRM-free on GOG.com.As if the game of Life and Death was not troublesome enough, a fresh challenge now appears. Taking you to the Mournful Wastes, a forsaken place where gods have met their end, it brings a new goblin companion (and his companion quest), pl

Release: Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi


Cry me a shiver. Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi is now available, 10% off until June 25, 1 PM UTC, DRM-free on GOG.com.Hot on the heels of our recent welcoming of visual novels comes the sixth chapter of the eerie sound novels. In a small countryside village where ghostly events unfold ever since that heinous murder at the constr

Weekly Sale: Keep it rolling, Up to 85% off


Can't stop, will shop. Our grand Summer Sale is still on until the end of the day so make sure to unlock your free Sunless Sea and RiME using these 1200+ other games as your key. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt them, we checked.However, even after the Summer Sale goes away, our Weekly Sale will be here for you. Let's take a look at what's in it.Join t

UPDATE - Release: Overload, free sample now available


Zero-G explosions. Overload is now available, DRM-free on GOG.comSpin, dive, shoot, blow stuff up - you got six degrees of freedom and you will need every single one of them if you're to destroy your mechanical enemies and rescue your people before disaster hits. Descent into an epic single-player campaign with upgradeable ships and challenge level

Release: Sudden Strike 4 - Finland: Winter Storm DLC


Don't get cold feet. Finland: Winter Storm, a DLC pack for Sudden Strike 4 is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com. The base game is 60% off for the duration of our Summer Sale.Put on your extra pair of socks and prepare to relive two new mini-campaigns chronicling the battles between Russia and Finland during WWII. Side with the advancing Soviets

Release: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack


Aliens, do you bleed? You will. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack is now available, 80% off until June 18, 10 PM UTC, DRM-free on GOG.com. It contains every piece of content released for the game, including the Enemy Within expansion.They thought we'd go down without a fight. They were wrong. Also quite ugly.Commander, the XCOM initiative stands re

Release: Caveblazers


Deep down and dirty. Caveblazers is now available, 50% off until June 20, 2 PM UTC, DRM-free on GOG.com.Proper spelunking requires bravado, perseverance, and cool gear. Also a strong liver for all these potions you'll be downing. Also a spare liver as it'll get ripped off your body again and again by nasty monsters, traps, or crafty bosses. Be like

Coming Soon: Metal Wolf Chaos XD


Air Force !1!1one!. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is coming soon, DRM-free to GOG.com.Sometimes the President of the United States needs to step up and take matters into his own angry hands. Put on his radical mech suit and rampage through the Grand Canyon, Brooklyn Bridge, and even the White House garden as you take apart the vice president's treacherous a

Surviving Mars drops a free Mysteries Resupply Pack


In case you were running out. Surviving Mars just got another free airdrop, this time full of particularly enigmatic contents. This Mysteries Resupply Pack brings three new strange events for you to unravel, while you struggle to keep your domes going.- St. Elmo's fire has you dealing with curious ghost lights keeping your colonists awake- In The P

Release: Aragami: Nightfall expansion


"I never knew daylight could be so violent". Aragami: Nightfall is now available, 10% off until June 19, 1 PM UTC, DRM-free on GOG.com. The base game and the Collector's Edition upgrade are both 60% off for the duration.Before Aragami's awakening, two shadow assassins undertook a fateful mission that would cause far-reaching ripples on the tapest

Pre-order: We Happy Few


Welcome to our jolly dystopia. We Happy Few, the stylish action/adventure about escaping a city of oppressive happiness, is now available for pre-order 15% off, DRM-free on GOG.com.Did you take your happiness pill today? Please try not to skip on your regular doses, otherwise you might start hallucinating and seeing things that shouldn't be there.

Pre-order: The Walking Dead: The Final Season


Girl, you'll be a woman soon. The Walking Dead: The Final Season, is now available for pre-order 10% off, DRM-free on GOG.com.The scared little girl whose parents never returned home is now a fierce survivor on a mission: to build a home for herself and AJ, the orphaned boy under her care. It will require sacrifices, heartbreaking decisions, and vi

Project Zomboid adds vehicles and a horde of improvements


The highway was pretty dead today. Project Zomboid, the zombie-infested sandbox focused on realistic survival, received an update that adds vehicles while introducing a lot of other tweaks and fixes. The game is currently 40% off during our Summer Sale.Your new sweet rides come in nine available models, from family cars to police sedans and Spiffo

Nine Parchments update brings six challenging Arenas, new character


Casting content buffs. Nine Parchments, the co-op action game of spell-slinging pandemonium, just got updated with more arenas that will make veteran wizards stroke their beards with excitement. The game is 50% off during our Summer Sale.These six new Arenas are intended for characters over lvl 40. You fight using five spells - your three starting

Release: Railway Empire - Mexico DLC


No siesta on the tracks, por favor. Mexico, a new DLC destination for train management simulator Railway Empire is now available DRM-free on GOG.com.Grab your sombrero and yell Viva Mexico! in this new scenario that introduces the country's diverse landscapes, new goods to transport, two new engines, and a new exclusive night mode. ¡Ándale, Ándal

Release: Field of Glory II: Age of Belisarius DLC


He still looks good. Field of Glory II: Age of Belisarius is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com. The base game is 34% off for the duration of the Summer Sale.Taking place between 476 to 600 AD, this DLC brings 11 new factions, 6 epic battles, and 4 historically-based campaigns. Fight to expand the Byzantine Empire, help the Sassanids deal with th

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire groomed with huge patch + free DLC


Because you're worth it. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the sprawling sequel to one of the best RPGs in decades, just received a huge patch and the Beard and Hair Pack for free.Some of the highlights in the extensive patch notes include:- Option to skip the intro video now available- World Map legend added- Graphics options expanded- Various f

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine flows thicker and swifter with new update


"In the end, stories are all we have." Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a story-driven trek alongside the drifters and vagabonds whose stories hold the tainted promise of Americana, has recently received a big update. Its main ingredients: an auto-walk mode and 15 new vignettes to discover.These new stories come in all shapes and emotional colors,

Release: Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn


Finally making dem free throws. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com.After a less-than-stellar first outing back in '94, Shaq is on the rebound, ready to kick evil celebrity ass with sick combos, over-the-top weapons, and a fierce rap track performed by the man himself. Punch, kick, throw and defame these demonic Hollywood



The way of the fist. THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 ULTIMATE MATCH FINAL EDITION and THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH are now available, DRM-free on GOG.com. Get them separately for 50% off or grab them together 66% off. Offer lasts until June 8, 1pm UTC.Two legendary fighting games to kick it old school! Expanded fighter rosters, more game m