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Prepaid gift card payment acceptance

Added bybnhaq's avatarbnhaq

Enable US residents to make purchases on using gift cards that only allow transactions in the US. This would be the only way I can purchase anything on

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I'm afraid I'm gonna need an option like this too. I USED to buy through Paypal, but then I crashed headlong into their stupid $2000 limit for "unverified" customers. By "unverified", what they REALLY mean is you don't have THEIR Mastercard and they don't have your bank account info, both of which are completely unreasonable! (No, apparently they can't, or more likely just WON'T, verify the credit card info we already gave them.)

If new payment methods are not added, GOG, you may have lost a customer, not through any fault of your own, but through the foolish decisions of another corporate entity.

May. 19, 2013
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yes. I hate paypal (after my extremely poor customer service experience trying to redeem one of those "prepaid works like a credit card" gift cards through them(the page refreshed and said I misentered the digits and the card wasn't found, but I went to use it later and found 3 $1 deductions by paypal for each "unable to find card" and when I asked the money be returned paypal support gave one reply just copy pasted standard answer that didn't actually fit my question and IGNORED subsequent emails.) and don't tend to trust the internet with credit card numbers so I would mainly make purchases using prepaid "gift" cards if I was able to.

Nov. 20, 2012