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Languages (other than English) as patches in "Bonus Content"

Added byMaal656's avatarMaal656

Most of games in GOG are only in English, although some of them are multilingual in physical format (or in other sites). In games with a lot ot text or speech (adventures, ...), this can be a problem for no-English gamers. If the GOG installer will not be modified, at least it would be great to include in the "bonus content" some patches that "translate" the game to a different language (in most cases just replacing some files...). I don't know if this would cause any license problem, but it would be great.

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May. 4, 2013
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related wish, which asks for general fan-made patch support (bug fixes, translation, higher resolution support, etc):

Apr. 29, 2013
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A good idea, GOG is very cool, but I am sure not al youth pals speak english, maybe multilingual patch, could it be a great option.

Jan. 2, 2013